Castles and Buttons

Abraham Hicks has always said, it’s as easy to manifest a button as it is a castle. It’s one of my favorite talks to remember.

“Whether it is a castle or a button, if you are using it as your object of attention, it is summoning life force. It is the feel of life force that life is about. The reason you are summoning it is inconsequential” -Abraham Hicks

Today as I was walking and cleaning the coast line, I found a small button hiding in the rocks where the waves were coming in. One of the beautiful ways the universe speaks to me and tells me, “you’re on the right path. It’s on its way.”

I’m taking a much need break from my social media profiles (minus the occasional tik tok because it’s still so light hearted for me and filled with so many good laughs I need💕). I need time to create again, to be present with life on the planet. To choose for myself what I want to focus on. And to fill my heart with all I am grateful for instead of what I don’t have.

So I thought I’d share random thoughts and adventures here every now and then.

Sending so much love. And hope you are well where you are. Less buttons. More castles ❤️


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