Breathing-(Talk And Boxed Breathing)

Hello beautiful beings of nature,
Today, I wanted to talk about breathing.
In life, it is so vital we really and truly breathe.
To give ourselves a chance to hear our voices and discover where we are in this moment.
To take in that life force Mother Earth is giving to each and every one of us.

Often times, we breathe on auto pilot. It can be quite choppy and something we do, but don’t really understand.
Which is totally not our fault.
As humans, we aren’t taught how to utilize the life force that nature has given to us as nature itself. We aren’t taught about the healing elements of deep breaths of air.
But it is something we have all the tools for.

Breathing practices were one of the first things I learned when I switched to my holistic approach with vasculitis (4 years ago! What is time?!)

As simple of an act, with nothing required other than the body I was born into, I was able to be in all my pain, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
I didn’t need to “heal” or “fix” anything.
I was never able to give myself that gift. And it felt so good to just be. Really be with all of it and say welcome.
To open my arms to learning to love myself in all my being.
And here I am now, still growing veins out of thin air in place of arteries I learned to no longer see as a loss.

Holistic is the whole.
The mind, body, and spirit.
It requires all of us. All the good, the bad, the broken, the pain in our bodies, the pain in our soul. It isn’t always enlightenment, gratitude, and joy, but it all comes to teach us. To teach us to open.

I hope this chat resonates in some way for your week and you enjoy the boxed breathing technique. Let me know how it goes ❤️
Keep breathing,
All my love,

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