Tuning Into Our Sacred Bodies.

Riding bikes on the Washington coast with my beloved.

Hello beautiful beings!

I know it has been some time since i’ve written a blog post, but something in my spirit has me up this morning and ready to write. 

What a time to be alive isn’t it?

How uncomfortable, how exhilarating, how out of body, how scary, how exciting.

These last few months have been a battle for me, as I am slowly learning to navigate through the crumbling of old ideas and unfulfilled ideas of where I thought I would be.  

These waves of in and out have manifested in a huge wave of anxiety for me which is something I am used to, but have never experienced in this way. I have never experienced the physical symptoms of panic like this, which has sent me into a tailspin of self deprecating thoughts and emotions.  I believe this is the hardest part about it. That I am not always kind to myself when I need it most. 

I know that I am not the only one who has been experiencing this. It seems that many of us are suffering to some degree and left wondering when it will end or how we will live through it if it doesn’t. 

It is only until very recently that I have opened my heart to the discomfort. How I am leaning into it to hear what it is teaching me.  Leaning into the body to feel everything and loving it enough to make it part of everything.   

Learning to listen instead of run is moving mountains it seems, because I am learning just how strong I really am.  So much stronger than I had already thought I was. Stronger than the idea of where I thought I would be. 

Even when we feel we have hit bottom and survived, and are standing steady in our power,

Life can come in to take us one step further.  If you’re reading this, I ask that you remember just how far you’ve made it. You are doing this and have arrived to the here and now. 

In moments of panic, where I feel I am dying, I am trying to remember that all things come and go. Life, nature, the planet, the panic, the sadness, the fear.  That a moment will arrive that will flush me with peace and that those too are worth leaning into.  Right now, it is easy to run from ourselves, to run into a screen and project what we think others should do or think, instead of giving ourselves a big hug and getting to know the very being that holds all of life’s secrets and the world’s change.  Are we taking time for this too?

For a moment, I ask you take a big deep breath into your belly, fill your lungs with the oxygen that hugs the earth and you, and let it out, let all that you are carrying out.  

I ask that you feel your body, your heart beat that follows, and look at your hands, your feet, your human body that is nature roaming the earth. You are being held up by a force that is you, no matter where the mind, the separation, and fear has taken you this last year, or years. 

To be quite honest, I used to think that the spiritual path was about uncovering the deepest parts of me. The unbound and infinite. That if I did something, I’d get a result that validated that I did something right by forgetting I was human.  I didn’t realize that everything about the human is sacred too.  That it is all so important to get to know as a whole. That if we can combine the love we feel for the higher self and apply it to our bodies that dance and move, our bodies that curl up and cry, our bodies that laugh and panic, and never will get it “right”, we could hear what our ever changing nature is saying. 

There is no right way to do this.

We came here to witness one another for the universe we are, to see our creation in one another.  To listen, to learn, to change, to run with arms wide open to what our earth is saying. Imagine a life where we could look at one another like the clouds in the sky. Imagine what it would feel like if we could put down our armor and become soft again.  If we could see one another as imperfect and call it beautiful. If we could meet ourselves and hug our being for all that it is doing in this moment to keep us breathing. 

We would eradicate with love, all that does not belong to this great being floating through the cosmos.

If today it feels like every other day these last few months, please give your heart a chance to catch up.  Drop everything and make a moment to tune into you. 

For tuning into you, is tuning into the frequency of all of us, moving in one swift motion to the earth’s song. 

All my love,


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