Meditation Monday-Week 05

Hello beautiful beings,

Happy Meditation Monday!

Today, I wanted to shed some light on discomfort. Often times we are afraid to lean into the discomforts we are feeling because we are afraid to witness all that is hidden there. But we frequently forget that within the discomfort, there is a letting go. There is a release when we can face it with our hearts.  There is a message. There is love. There is strength in what we want to run away from. 

The more we refuse to go inward and condition ourselves to get stuck in a cycle of thinking about, but not facing the discomfort, we can find ourselves unwilling to ultimately let go and begin anew.  We hold it in the sacredness of our bodies and they become sick. But when we do this, how can we give to ourselves? How can we give to the world?
Without these bodies, how do we deliver love and our message to humanity?

I am sharing another meditation by Sarah Blondin today called “Exploring The Wilderness Of Your Discomfort.” This meditation has truly given me the ability to walk through my discomfort and take the good from it. 

I hope today’s meditation brings you back to your heart, your power, your sacred nature that is ever changing and capable of all things. Even world change.

Let us be the example through who we are.

All my love,




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