Meditation Monday-Week 4

Happy Meditation Monday!

Today, I decided to take a different approach to our meditation in hopes that it inspires you to be patient with the whole of your journey. 

Often times, we want to force ourselves to be more positive. This new age world of mindfulness can make many of us feel more lost than ever. It can often make us feel defeated and like we’re just not enough. Unfortunately, capitalism lives in there too. We think we need to buy and purchase what is already sacred and loved within us. 

However, the true spiritual journey, the core of true mindfulness and presence is the good and the bad, the life, the death. The entire journey.

By understanding that our journey as a whole is boundless, and learning to accept the things that feel uncomfortable and comfortable, we can give ourselves some grace, patience, and then understand that all states will come and go.  

It is impossible to always be happy and wouldn’t life be boring if we always were? How would we know what happiness was if we didn’t know sadness? These states are flowing through us as energy does. Isn’t it a beautiful thing that nothing stays? That we can release the attachment to thinking it needs to?

It can also help us better serve and be patient with others. Because we are all nature and shifting. We all collectively have no idea what we are doing.

Affirmations used to be something that I didn’t fully resonate with because I felt I was constantly chasing the affirming statement.  I didn’t realize that they are a tool, but the real power lies within. In the wisdom I have in my heart.

I wrote some affirmations for us today and I hope they help in some way to give you a moment of peace and stimulate the power within you to shift your states into those that work for you. Please feel free to make your own and choose statements that give power to you.

All my love,




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