Monday Meditation Week 1


May you be well 🙂

I wanted to begin a little Monday meditation with all of you each week. This idea came to me this morning during meditation, so the first session is being posted a little later in the day today 🙂 However, this will be something I will be posting Monday mornings! I feel like human connection is incredibly important, especially with the shift in awareness we are seeing. One thing that has brought me to a place of peace in these last few years of my life is daily meditation. It brings me back to remember that I am nature and that where I am now is all there is.

And from now, from this moment, I can choose to love myself, love others, and to be patient with my human experience, good and bad. Each week I will be sharing my favorite teachers and an abundance of their meditations that are available to you and I hope some, if not all, resonate 🙂

Today, we are meditating to “honoring life” by Sarah Blondin! Sarah is such a light in this world. I meditate to her guided meditations daily because I truly find them to bring me to a place of self love, self acceptance, and love. Sarah’s meditations can be found by searching Sarah Blondin on Insight Timer, Live Awake on apple podcasts, and ! Also @sarahfinds 🌊😊
I hope this brings some joy to your day today and I will see you next week!

Love and Light,

Stefani 🙂

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