Moving Through Our Collective Discomfort, And Creating A State Of Peace And Trust.

It is no secret that our world and the human race are going through an incredibly intense time. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and illness, and sometimes this can leave us feeling defeated or in a state of complete worry. I felt called to record a podcast today to shed some light on our current issues as a collective and how we can move through this time of doubt. I hope this brings comfort.

Please do not forget that you are infinite and dancing through the cosmos. Always. And you have the power within you to shift the world into a more beautiful, peaceful, and free state, no matter what the circumstances may feel like now. The universe is always at work, it is always doing something to help nature thrive and grow.

Now. This moment. Is what will echo into our future. So just take off your life and rest. Just be and trust that this is for something bigger. But more than anything, be patient with it. Be patient with yourself and nurture your light.

Sending you all so much love and light,


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