A few days before Ram Dass left his body, I felt his presence come to whisper one last message. I was feeling disconnected, uncreative, afraid, all of the detoxing fears that can come with letting go and learning to surrender to love.  I was sitting on a rock, staring out at the water, just breathing, just being. And then the sun came to kiss my cheek.  

Suddenly, on shuffle, this song came on. It is one of my favorites. I broke down and instantly, my relief came. My knowing, my understanding, my remembering.  I felt Ram Dass came to me in that moment to say, “It is all okay, just be your nature.” In that moment, that oneness, that love, I vowed to follow my path, to stay true to what I came here to do in this life.  And though the road may not always be easy, I am safe, I am being taken care of, I am the cosmos. We are one. One beautiful universe. Everything is flowing in and out of each other. Everything is you. You need not be afraid. You are nature, and there is no hate in this world that can separate us from that truth. In beloved memory of what he taught while he was here, and for the message he left for us to share, I present this to remind you on the days we feel we are forgetting. Thank you to East Forest for bringing this to our ears, and giving us this message. 


Song: Nature by East Forest, Ram Dass




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