The other day, I went out into the rain.
It is one of the beautiful ways I come to see you.
You don’t hold back from falling for me or anyone else.
And in the moments where you seem to pour with the most rage,
I find them to be the ones you give the most love.
To the source, spirit, planet, and air.
If you watch closely, you can see the drops in the water ripple through a wave.
And then if you look over at a tree,
There you are in your vision again.
A droplet slowly coming of the kiss of a branch.
A tiny drop of water, source energy, expanding into its universe.
Oh how it happens.
And then in a hush,
It lets go to join the surface of the earth.
In a tiny instant, the life it chose.
In a moment, an entire miracle,
And in that tiny instant, a million of us at a time.
But when the rain (you) kisses you, it is my favorite to witness.
If you could only see the way it reaches out for your skin.
The way it lets go to join what it loves.
The way it finds any bit of your human to embrace.
The way it lets go.
The way it lets go to love you in a new way.
That surface of the earth.
You make it all happen just by being here.
You are entirely, effortlessly, beautiful.

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