Even In The Moments That Feel Like Shadows, That Feel Like Our End…

Even in the moments that feel like shadows, that feel like our end,

We are only ever beginning. 

We are only ever continuing to breathe, 

Only ever nature, stretching out to see the water.

I know that at times, it feels impossible to feel, to see.

To love every bit of our experience, even the parts we call mistakes.

I know that we want to take back the times we didn’t act from our hearts.

That we believe we must take those memories onto our entire living.

That we must always hold grief up to our eyes, in order to be forgiven.

But no matter what you call it, 

Or how you believe this will all play out.

You are the creator of the daytime and noon. 

The nighttime and the moon. 

And though it feels like there is a place outside of you that holds your peace, 

Your forgiveness, for you and for others,

You have always held it inside of you.

Take your time.

Be gentle and kind to your being. 

Breathe if that is all you can do.

And run to the trees when you feel like you can’t, 

Allow them to breathe for you.

In all of this,

In the entirety of the experience,

Creation loves the whole of you are.

It is beholding you like you do the stars.

Love and Light,


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