Sometimes I Forget How Far We’ve Come

Sometimes I forget how far we’ve come.

You and I.

Dear human,

Dear universe and all the cosmos.

I used to rest inside the crescent moon and wish it to be full.

Jump into the ocean and wish to be swept away.

Hug the clouds and ask they never leave me.

You’d grab my hand and say to the am that I am, “You are already full, you are already all the places you dream and loved beyond bounds.”

And still, I would fight and fear the vastness.

I used to be afraid to be alone with you.

Because when I was alone with you, I started to fall in love with everything and everyone.

Even when the world told me not to.

I don’t know where we will go from here,

But I know that I will wake and lay my head in the trees, the sun, the human, the moon.

And even when conditions try to pull me away from looking up at you,

To choose love as my living,

I will be remember.

I will not seek for what is already within and around me.

I will choose to be here, to witness, and let love guide me.

You were always right, the clouds never leave me.

It is only that in this lifetime, I get to hug them with my eyes.


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