Indigo Child

One of my greatest joys in life is being an aunt. I am even more grateful that my brother gives me the freedom to teach Damian and Avi about how wonderful the earth is. I have learned that the best way to inspire them is by leading by example. Just being my best self and continuing my dreams. Damian is 8 now and loves asking Aunt Steffi about why she loves the ocean so much, why she takes pictures of the moon and clouds, and why she picks up trash on the earth. He absorbs it all. The other day, we were walking along the dock in Long Beach and he started picking up pieces of trash. He said he wanted to keep the birds and fish from getting sick. That this is his home and he doesn’t want people to litter anymore. After cleaning up a handful of scraps, he said, “I’m so glad that we saved some animals today.” My heart about burst. The other day I taught him how to give the ocean a hug and how to get one back. Open those arms as the waves come to greet you. He gave the ocean about 10 hugs that day and it reminded me of me. The planet loves him. He’s the kind of little being that reminds me that everything is going to be okay. That even in the future, our world will be in good hands. ❤️

Song: What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? (Mike Crossey Mix) by Snow Patrol

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