Following Our Inspired Action

Hello beautiful beings, I hope you all had an abundant week and weekend. I wanted to close the week with a beautiful beginning πŸ™‚

Often times, I hear many who express they wish they had the courage to do more things. To let go of the people that don’t make them feel good. To have more of a push to move forward and make positive change in their lives.

I can understand how frightening change can be. When we are comfortable, it often feels safe, which is why we stay in our comfort zones and do our best to protect them. While comfort isn’t always a bad thing, we often let it keep us from pursuing deeper connections, deeper truth, and the life we know is deeply calling our higher selves. If you are feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, and afraid, this is a good thing! This means you’re aware that you’re building resistance to the life that the universe (you) is truly trying to guide you down. This awareness is the very thing that can set us on the path of our greatest joy, so lets first be aware and grateful for that πŸ™‚

Our fears can often hinder us from going for what we really want and deserve. They can keep us in bed all day (I’ve been there before), keep us from radiating the peace we deeply want for the world, and more than anything, keep us from loving and accepting ourselves as creative beings. So how do we overcome these blocks?

By learning to decipher what our inspired actions are and what our ego based actions are.

A simple way to understand the two is that ego based actions often don’t feel so great. They’re the actions we take when we are afraid, and believe me, our intuition knows. From hanging with the wrong people, making the wrong decision for ourselves professionally, or getting into relationships we know won’t serve our highest. They can even be small actions we take or don’t take in our daily lives, like sparking a conversation with someone new or judging strangers we’ve never even had a conversation with. I think most of us can reflect on a time we judged someone before actually getting to know them, and they turned out to be a wonderful human being. This is the ego we first chose to give into! Ego based actions are often made with fear; a desperation to complete something within ourselves, or needing validation by bringing down others. Ego based actions also drive us to please others, whether that be our families, friends, or society. In my journey, I truly believe there is a deeper knowing within all of us, that knows when we are making an ego based decision. Does this mean we are doomed to fail? Not at all! There is really no wrong choice in life, especially when we are learning to grow and flow with it all. Everything is somehow always guiding us back to the love we are. So if you’ve made some ego based actions in life, i’m here to tell you that you will probably make more, but you can blossom from it all. And the amount of inspired action you will choose to make from this day forward will make ego based actions few and far between.

Now for the good stuff, what are inspired actions?

Inspired actions are the actions we take when we are in a state of knowing our deepest selves. Quite simply, they feel good! They aren’t made with the intention to control a specific outcome, but rather a surrender, and a deep knowing that everything will truly be okay. A few examples of these are, leaving the job we love to pursue something we are passionate about, going for that road trip we have been talking about, planning a move to a new city. These are major inspired actions, but if they feel good, exciting, and aligned with our passions, these are inspired! In regards to daily inspired action, maybe we feel inspired to finally give that cute barista our number, to spend the day in nature, or to take our best friend out for coffee. When we feel a sudden surge of joy in thinking of these small decisions, it is so important to take them. As I said before, your intuition always knows, and the love within you knows it doesn’t need to know the outcome to make the first move. There have been so many times that I have called a friend because I felt the inspiration to, and they later tell me they had been thinking about me and were so happy I called! Not only that, but many of these conversations were the very thing I needed at the time, and unfolded even greater moments and clarity within!

The best way to know if you are making inspired action or ego based action, is by taking a moment to really connect with yourself. Sit in stillness for a few moments before taking the action and ask, where is this desire to act coming from? A place of needing fulfillment or effortless joy? Don’t take too long to sit and uncover as this can often keep us from making any decisions at all. But truly just reconnect and ask yourself if it feels good. Once you make the choice that it does, remain in that joy and know its for the best either way πŸ™‚

Our most joyous life can only happen if we are moving. If we stay put and hope that the universe shifts something for us, we will stay right where we are. The universe requires us to move through our daily life in order to manifest and move people and places for us. When we let life know we are ready, by taking inspired action, the universe can unfold some pretty spectacular miracles and bring in some pretty outstanding people into our experience. If we radiate and act on love, we receive love. This is just the way the universe works πŸ™‚

No one can know what your inspired actions are but you. When you make the choice to deeply and truly surrender to your highest self, the place that feels good, the place without fear, you make room for goodness to enter. It is inevitable that you will love in ways you couldn’t imagine and end up in places that feel like a happy dream. But it starts from your higher self, your light, your loving, already complete, and creative self.

Looking forward to seeing where your inspired actions take you!

Love and Light,

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