Releasing the “hows” to allow our dreams to happen.

Hello loves! I hope you have been having an amazing week so far. I just got back from a little weekend getaway and feeling grateful πŸ™‚

I am currently in the middle of three books that have been bringing a lot of insight and affirmation into my life. This week, every single one of them covered a topic relating to “how” we expect things to happen. Releasing “how” is one of the most important things we do in allowing our dreams and happiness in! I thought that this was quite the synchronicity, as it is something I am practicing. It is now something I feel inspired to talk about today πŸ™‚

Often times, when we question “how” things are going to happen, we create an energy of uncertainty in our being. Suddenly, this uncertainty unfolds situations that make us question our dreams even more! We get down on ourselves, question our personal success, and worse, compare our stories to others.

We often forget that we are an entire universe, waiting to create and enjoy! And we have the power to choose what we think about. We set the intention, the moods, emotions, and ultimately unfold our lives from the frequency of who we are. With this much magic within us, we deserve to be free of our fears, comparisons, and insecurities. But the only way we can do that is by letting go of “how.”

When we let go of “how”, we are trusting ourselves, the universe within, as well as the collective we are connected to and are. When we trust that the universe knows what our dreams are and is working to make them happen, we are given the freedom to move forward, enjoy life, and watch our dreams unfold. When we resist doing this, we are trying to control and manipulate the universe, which will always end in the negative vibration that creates it.

The first thing I want us all to remember is that it’s okay if you have asked how in life! We all have, and the first part of changing this cycle is by first acknowledging its there πŸ™‚

Be patient with yourself, you are expanding love! We have all been told our whole lives that the only way to make things happen is by having a plan. Having a goal or many are important, but when we think we need to have the entire journey set to a plan, we resist allowing. Things aren’t always going to unfold exactly the way we expect, but when we have our main intentions set, the journey becomes a lot more fun πŸ™‚ And when we run into things that aren’t easy, we don’t waste so much of our energy upset, but rather in surrender. And we start getting excited for what’s next πŸ™‚ This only creates a wave of positive thinking and allows the universe to give us the stuff that feels good and lights up our path and passions.

Think back to all you have lived through, good and bad. And look at where you are now. Don’t do this with judgment, but rather, really reflect on all the positive, good feeling aspects. Maybe you never thought you’d pick up a guitar, but you went through something big that made you learn. Maybe you got denied a job and it set you on a new path that fills you with joy, or maybe it made you reflect on where you really want to go. Maybe, like me, you struggled with a health scare but it set you on a path to better eating habits and healing πŸ™‚ In living through all these moments in life, your knowledge, your wisdom, your lessons have expanded. You have evolved!

There are so many beautiful realizations that unfold when we really take time to reflect on these things, so I always use that as a starting point.

Once I am in a place of gratitude and understanding, I can set my intentions πŸ™‚

For example, I very clearly want a van to travel in. I have set this intention in the past, placed it on vision boards, and expressed my dream to the world. But perhaps the best vibration I could set for myself is not asking how I am going to get it. Do I know it requires money? Of course! Do I need to know what channel it will come through? Not at all. My biggest job here is not to ask how, but to be happy. To live every day in a state of gratitude, joy, and knowing. This is the easiest way.

Am I perfect with my energy every day? No, but when I do fall out of alignment with who I truly am, I forgive myself, learn the lesson and move back into a place of peace.

When I first set the intention for my van, I promised myself to know it will happen and exist as it has. When I think of the van, I get excited about it! I think of all the places I am going to go, people I will meet, and moments with Earth I will have. I think of the ocean clean ups I’ll be able to get myself to, and who knows, the loving partner I might meet along the way. This is the best thing about having a mind. We can fill it with things that bring us joy in this very moment. We can feel happy and grateful right here and now. And the manifestations become a compliment to our happiness, not the reason for it.

I have to admit, I have already seen some incredible manifestations on my van. I am not only meeting people who have vans, but being provided tools to understand more about van life. I am seeing first hand that it is possible, which only confirms that I am on the right path and serving myself with the right momentum. And now, I am currently shopping for vans, finding myself in a place to save money for it, and planning an earth clean up of my own! These are the little miracles that unfold before the big thing, and to be honest, I am in no rush. It is all happening so naturally already, and I am happy in this moment, which is all that really matters.

If you want love, feel love, and treat yourself with that energy. And above all, believe it is on its way to you. Focus on building the vibration rather than the how.

If you want a job you love, feel what it will feel like to have it, and trust that the universe is aware and constructing the path for you. Accept that it is coming.

If you want to travel, feel yourself in a plane, get excited and envision yourself arriving at your location. And know that the travel is on its way.

If you want to be happy love, envision what makes you feel happy. Feel what it would feel like to be timelessly happy and joyful. Find the things that you are grateful for.

Building this energy is one thing, but following the inspiration it leads you to is another. When we set our intention and release the how, the moments that are created to get us there begin showing up. Follow your inspiration to apply for your dream jobs, to give someone a chance, to go on a day trip. Surrender to the small events because they will inevitably lead to the biggest ones. And when you get to the ultimate dream, hold your heart, smile, and be grateful.

This universe is waiting for the creator in you to create. And you deserve a happy, joyful life my love.

I’ll see you there!

Love and Light,


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