Celebrating our unity in our differences.

This morning, I planned on writing a blog post about comparing ourselves to others.  I have been having conversations with many of my loved ones about this topic recently and it seems many of us are in a cycle of comparison.  It is easy to compare when we are living in this type of society. Where we have been conditioned to believe that success is money. That success is a title, a trophy, a place that we have to battle our whole lives to get to. To be honest, thinking about this didn’t inspire me at all.

So instead, I started scripting new intentions to shift my energy. Not only did this allow me to focus on all I am grateful for and all that has already manifested, but it inspired me to look up and around.

Sitting with my headphones in, I looked around the coffee shop I chose to write in today. What I witnessed was an absolute miracle. There were (and probably still are) so many conversations going on, human connection, smiles, focus, gestures. All I could think was, “Here I am in this body, listening to some of my favorite instrumentals, and observing the love happening all around me. This is my present moment from my perspective. Yet there are an abundant amount of stories happening in different bodies. All different, but all one.”

Suddenly I thought to myself, why would I want to focus on the energy of unveiling comparison, instead of the miracle of our connection? Of how sacred this unity really is?

All connected in our differences. All connected in what we are.

We are all the divine having a human experience. We have all intended to become flesh and bone, to make our staple in each of our own lives and our world as a whole. We have come here with our own, individual, beautiful gifts. Each of us is different in some way, having interactions that are different than anyone outside of us. We all come from different upbringings, learn in different ways, and share this knowledge by going out into the world. Learning from others as we go.

We all the thrive from the same sun and moon, and atmosphere of oxygen.

Different, yet completely connected.

This Earth that we are on, is not only giving us life. This spinning planet is giving us the tools to create the lives of our individual dreams. We sometimes think there isn’t enough for all of us. But the truth is, there is! Abundance and success can mean different things to different people. Some believe wealth to be a happy, healthy life, not money. Some believe abundance to be lots of money to give back to the world and loved ones. Some want a life of travel, and others a nice porch to watch the sunset on. But whatever it means to you, let it come from your heart.

Your gifts, your dreams, your gratitude is all unique to you; as it should be.

This is the importance of finding your center, what makes you infinitely happy.

When you find what your gifts are, when you find what you love, follow and flow with it love. Make sure it feels good and true to you. Focus on your individual life and dreams, because living someone else’s will never give you the satisfaction you are looking for. Satisfaction and true happiness come from within.

You see, when you do your best to surrender to the energies that feel good and true to your essence, you are radiating love. Not only to yourself, but to the collective source you are part of. You will see the right people show up in your life who can further your dreams and you will find that many of your greatest ideas come from that beautiful heart and mind of yours, which also means your feelings of success can be found right now 😉

Comparison can so often turn into a low vibration. But understanding the inspiration we can draw from others is a universal gift! Let them show you that it can in fact be done, connect, and get excited about how your own journey will unfold.

When your mind tells you to compare how far someone else is on their journey, celebrate it and find ways to be inspired. You will find that most of humanity are your universe, your inspiration, your tools; and we are all here to build with each other.

I encourage you today, to look up and around.

Wherever you are right now, no matter where you look, there is life happening. It is happening because of the collective energy of the universe. Everything is alive because of the life our beloved Earth provides. You are not alone. There is a connection there. There is something to be inspired and amazed by.

My loves, it is much easier and beneficial to find and have gratitude for our similarities. The similarity that we are all divine beings, having our own human experience; here to help each other thrive and grow. Let us not compare, but celebrate our unity in our differences. Let us celebrate the collective energy of love we can bring to each other. Let us celebrate the world we are about to create together. Where we can all use our gifts to bring joy and gratitude.

Thank you to Jake for capturing me in my true essence 🙂

Love and Light,


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