Using positive momentum to accept change

There has been something incredibly magical about this year already. I am seeing more synchronicities than ever, and seeing manifestations really come to surface. From tiny shifts to life changing ones, the universe has been unfolding it all. With all of this, I am experiencing a lot of change in my life.

Though most of these changes are incredibly uplifting, positive and a sign that I am on the right track, I have been recognizing my resistance to them. I get used to a certain type of flow and when it changes, I have trouble understanding how to get acquainted with the new. This is a cycle I am choosing to understand better so that I may change it fully. Not to say resistance won’t ever come in, but to accept that it is okay to surrender to all of life! All the change; both good and bad.

The reason I bring this up today is because I want to express what I am learning about resisting change. When we resist change, we resist the new. We resist the present moment, the better, the abundance we have been calling. The people, places, and moments our higher selves are calling us to.

The first thing I want all of us to do is first accept that it is okay to resist change. We’re humans, it is going to happen! We have our conditioning, our story, the pasts that can bring us fear. And often times, there are circumstances that we know aren’t going to serve us for the better. But if our intuitive self knows that this is a change we have wanted and feels right, it is so important to sit with that. To really understand we deserve to surrender. We all deserve a life we are passionate about. A life that is enjoyable, free, and loving. But it takes change to get us there 🙂

The one thing that has helped me more than ever, is learning to build momentum around change. By building a momentum that speaks positively to my mind, I begin to see more of the beauty in change rather than the unknown I am fearing. I always think of momentum as new cells. The more you nurture this momentum, the more it begins to build and create a life of new thoughts. Thoughts that can remove and shrink the old cycles. Abraham Hicks has helped me a lot in learning to build this momentum. I have found it my most helpful tool in changing my life and expanding my gratitude. But by applying it to the change I am initially uncomfortable with, I am seeing myself surrender sooner and with a lot more ease. And it’s something I absolutely want to share with all of you!

The best thing about momentum is that it is entirely custom to your own life. You get to choose what you build momentum around. A momentum practice always starts with a positive and affirming statement. This statement becomes a spark to build more and more positive affirmations. The more momentum you build, the more you can feel it. You will get to a point where it’s impossible to outshine the joy with doubt.

For example, I was having a tough time accepting my new job at first. It’s different to have a job that isn’t the classic 9-5. I started getting hard on myself because I felt like I was going down the irresponsible path. That I wasn’t going to make as much money as my friends or others my age. Not only was all of this completely untrue and cooked up in my mind, but it was keeping me in resistance. I just started a job, which I love, and was already finding things wrong with it! I knew this wasn’t what I manifested this job for, and I knew it was a positive change, but I was still choosing the negative thinking about it. This is where I used momentum to get me out of it.

I started with one specific thought: “I love my new job!”

Then, the fun began…

“I am grateful that I have a job I enjoy!”

“I love that my job is a channel in which money comes.”

“I love that my team is supportive, kind, and helpful!”

“I love that I get to be mobile with my new job.”

“I love that every event is different, new, and fresh!”

“I love that I get paid to get to and from places.”

“I love that this opportunity came along just in time.”

“I am happy with my new job, it is exactly what I was looking for!”

The best thing about this was that it instantly got the good energy going. During and after practicing, I would feel so much better! This is something I practiced every day until it became natural to wake up in gratitude for where I am in life. The doubt that I am not good enough or not doing things the right way has definitely become lighter. And when those thoughts do come up, I know exactly what to do!

There are going to be moments you don’t want to build momentum. But I have found that when I don’t want to, it is the time I need to most. Momentum building can be added to your meditation practice, but can truly be applied at any time of your day. When you are feeling disconnected, anxious, sad, allow yourself to sit with that. Feel your emotions, feel what feels off or what you are building resistance to.

From there, start with an affirmative thought and surrender to the energy it brings in. Not only will you feel the change in your heart, but you will see it unfold in your days ahead! The more gratitude you can have in any situation, the better 🙂

Change is inevitable love. It will happen, it will shift your life greatly at times, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult to accept. Change can be a gift; to grow, to surrender, to be happy. Change is always a movement forward, filled with lessons to learn, a space to expand and create!

You really do deserve to find the joy in change. To accept it with love, positivity, and easy, flowing energy.

I will be recording a podcast to expand on this, this afternoon. But for now, I would love to leave you with one of my favorite Abraham Hicks momentum videos. She is the best at explaining and getting momentum going 🙂 May it find you well and may you build momentum to accept change with love. I am with you!

Love and Light,


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