I feel incredibly grateful to talk about gratitude with you all today!

I believe that gratitude is truly one of the best gifts we have been given. To feel gratitude is to feel happy, complete, joyous, and alive. When one is in a state of gratitude, there is no fear, anger, sadness, or judgement.

In a state of gratitude, we are truly our highest self. We are spirit. Source. Creative energy. We are attuned to our greatness and relationship with life all around us. So why can it be so difficult to feel this way all the time?

To put it simply, we forget to have gratitude. We get caught in the waves of society and forget that all we have is all we need. That there really is so much to be grateful for. You see, society tells us we need more money, more attention, a type of success, a certain amount of followers, and the list goes on! It makes it really tough for someone to have gratitude when we are consistently giving into this idea that we need more. That we need to be more. Not only are these expectations false and created from the insecurity and fear of others, they keep us in a state of lack. And with this state of mind, we see more lack, feel more lack and resist the call to move forward and be happy instead. We resist the gratitude that is waiting to show us just how loved and abundant we are.

So how do we surrender to gratitude? How do we fully embrace life in a state of gratitude?

We start having gratitude! 🙂 We start our day off with it, we let life know we are grateful.

Each morning, when I wake up, I look up into the clouds, no matter how dark the sky might be, how cloudy, or how clear, I look up and say thank you. To see the sky means I woke up today, which I have chosen to be thankful for. I then go through a list of things I am grateful for. My pets, my lungs, my hands, my feet, my legs. The person I get to kiss in this life, my family, the ability to read and write. The gift of waking up with warm covers and a roof over my head. For the conversation I had with my neighbor yesterday, with the bird that sang at my window last week. I just enter a flow of gratitude to start my day. And throughout my day, I continue to recall all I am grateful for. It has not only given me lasting energy, but I am seeing so much of my life shift into a dream!

Just like negative thoughts, there are endless things to be grateful for! Not only does gratitude really allow you to understand what you are thankful for, it begins to diminish the fears, negative self talk, and lower vibrations that we may be used to. There is no room for these vibrations to keep resistance in your life if you are in a constant state of gratitude. In this shift, you WILL start to see change for the better. Gratitude can lift you out of the field of negative energy that has kept you from the life you really deserve.

Understand love, the more grateful you are, the more you have to be grateful for. This grateful energy will only continue to show up in your life and soon, you will see wonderful things unfolding. This is where I always see the most magic happen. You start to see the light in others. The beauty of who they are. You start respecting life in beautiful new ways. Suddenly the right opportunities unfold, the right people find there way onto your path, and things really do work out. It is inevitable love. If you fully surrender to gratitude, you cannot lose.

Gratitude, like anything else, takes practice; it takes time. It takes courage and resilience to be grateful rather than upset. But this is the ability the universe gave you. To choose the other feeling, to choose gratitude. To understand that you can look forward instead of confined in expectation.

In my experience, I have found that even in my darkest times, gratitude is the light at the end of the tunnel. Through sadness, I am grateful to feel emotion. Through heartache, I am thankful for the lesson. Through loss, I am thankful for the time spent. Through fear, I am thankful that I know what I don’t want to feel. Through insecurity, I am thankful I have an entire Earth to remind me of my being. Of my perfection and that of our world.

Gratitude is not just being grateful, it is so much more. It is finding the light, the love, the nature within you. So often we get lost in our stories we don’t realize just how rare it is to live. To be part of creation.

Right now, take a moment to think of something you’re grateful for. No matter how big or small. Then think of something else. And something else.

Enter a flow of gratitude. Create a movement of love for all that you have and all that surrounds you. Take this with you everywhere you go.

Breathe deep. Enjoy. Be happy.

Love and Light,


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