Becoming empty to become full

In the last few months, I have experienced many synchronicities that are incredibly aligned to the good nature of our world, our earth, and life. I have come to understand that by first surrendering to my highest self, I have built a foundation to receive and see such miracles. It has been a time of reconnecting, uplifting, inspiring, and truly continuing to stay connected to the love within.

The universe is always working for us and aligning to our energy, but we are not always ready to receive. This resistance is often the exact thing that keeps our dreams and what we deserve from us. It’s not so much that miracles aren’t constantly happening but that we haven’t surrendered to the eyes that can see them. I have struggled with this in the past but with each day and the growing lessons they bring, I have been learning the value of making room. This is not just to make room to receive (it’s a bonus) but rather to find the pure joy of each moment. Becoming empty to become full.

You. You are as flowing and endless as this.

The word empty can create fear for many of us. It is often associated with sadness, loss, and fear. But the most important thing is to first give it a new meaning. At the end of the day, everything is how we choose to perceive it. Understand that emptiness is freedom. It is joy and love. It is feeling good! All you have to do is let it feel that way as you surrender to it.

Now what is becoming empty?

It is releasing attachment, fear, expectation, control, insecurity, resentment, and anger.

Empty doesn’t sound so bad now does it? đŸ˜‰

When we give up control, we give up the need for others and material things to sustain our joy. We allow others to be themselves and release pressure on every spectrum. Imagine how great our relationships would be if we didn’t need anything from anyone to feel happy. We could be present in our interactions. We could better appreciate the people who come into our lives. We could see just how perfect they are in their own way. Relationships should never be something that complete you, but rather something that compliment your loving self. When we feel off with someone we care about or with what we are receiving, it is often our true nature telling us to reground. To become empty of the need to be filled. Life should never feel like it is a push/pull. It should flow easily and effortlessly.

Emptiness is also releasing the story that we so often tie our existence to. We are constantly identifying ourselves, but the truth is, we are not meant to be identified so much. We often tie ourselves to our careers, relationships, dreams and physical bodies. We are energy in a body, having a human experience. Everything is occurring outside of us, as a result of the energy within. Letting go of the story and identity we have built and been given is vital. This doesn’t mean you stop living your life or have to let go of your loved ones, this means you release the hindering emotions that the identification can bring. Our stories are beautiful, but they often limit us. When we are afraid to step outside of our comfort zones, it is because we have heavily identified to a specific story. I think we’ve all had those moments where we wanted to go down an entirely new path but feared what others would think or say. Or we questioned if we were worthy of receiving it or not. Because of the box we have put ourselves into and have let society put us into. Of course you’re worthy of the joy you’d like to receive; you are flowing energy, capable of making anything happen. It is the story that hinders us from thinking we cannot.

So how do we become empty?

This is the funnest part.

We meditate. We take a moment each day for ourselves to remember just how expansive and wonderful we are. To sit with the energy flowing through us.

We spend time loving ourselves, taking ourselves out for coffee or a nice walk and become thankful for this body we are in.

We come to understand that everything and everyone is part of the universe that unfolds itself to us. All based on what we radiate from within.

We choose to become empty. We choose to let others off the hook. To let the story we have built in our heads inspire us, but not reflect who we are and what we can create.

If you radiate love to yourself, to this newfound emptiness, it is inevitable that you will see it on the outside too.

You will meet the right people, the right opportunities will arrive, you will experience constant joy and understand that you have the freedom to feel your way into a new life.

I think the very best part is that you will understand you have it all now. That the outside is just a reflection, but the full happiness is already within you and waiting to be felt.

That in your emptiness, you are already full.

Enjoy the miracles love.

Love and Light,


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