The magic of scripting

Happy weekend loves! I hope your week was as abundant and peaceful as you!

I wanted to share an incredibly helpful tool I have been using in my life every day for the last few months. A tool that many of my teachers have expressed is major in manifesting and has worked wonders in my own.

A practice called Scripting 🙂

Scripting is basically a flow of writing where you go off on a tangent about how great your life is (regardless of your current circumstances). This allows your energy to be flooded with the reality you’d like to live as if you are already living it. Imagine being able to feel joy right now, complete happiness, yourself on a beach, yourself flying across country to some place new. Our minds have such a gift to create for us, but we often fill them with worry about our current reality. However, when we learn to feel ourselves into what it is we want and feel it fully, the universe can truly start shaping our lives to happen in this way. I think of it as a blue print for the universe to align to 🙂

Scripting came into my experience a few years ago, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready for the inspiration or commitment to really give it my all. As someone who loves to write, I knew this would be something I enjoyed, but had no idea just how powerful it would be in changing my life in the best of ways (otherwise, I would have started sooner 😉 ).

As I said, a few months ago, I decided to really give it a solid try and do it daily. I found this exercise to not only bring my manifestations to light quicker, but it has truly helped fade so many of the cycles I no longer felt were serving me. It has helped me stay present in a state of self love, gratitude, and joy. And more than anything, it has allowed me to make room for more and more beautiful blessings to enter!

The best thing about scripting is that it is custom to your own individual intentions. What you script and want to manifest or feel is completely up to you! It is truly a script for the life you would like to call to you. Maybe you want happiness, joy, a better job, money, romance, more connected relationships, a new camera, a new car! Whatever it may be, really think about what it is you want.

Got your intentions? Wonderful!

When scripting these intentions and words, make sure you are speaking in the present tense. As if all of your dreams have already come true. This may seem a little silly at first, but the more you align to the frequency your scripting makes you feel, you will notice some incredible synchronizations and manifestations 🙂 What I love most about scripting is how amazing I feel while writing and reading it out loud to myself/the universe. Thoughts do become things, but most importantly, it is what we are feeling that creates these thoughts and generates this energy. Which is why I believe scripting to be so powerful. It is nearly impossible to be writing and expressing such loving intentions without being flooded with the feeling of those intentions in our heart and lost in what feels good!

I’m going to go ahead and give you an example to help make this a little clearer. Let’s say I wanted to manifest some concert tickets for a show that’s happening a few months out. And I also wanted to manifest a constant state of joy and gratitude…

Instead of writing, “I would like to be more joyful. I would like to see my favorite band in May.”

I would write, “I am so happy that I got my tickets to see The Maine today! I am going to be flying down to Vegas to see The Maine in May and could not be more excited! The weather is supposed to be wonderful, I’ll get to share the experience with all of my best friends and dance the night away!”

You could also take it further into the present and say, “I am so happy I got to see The Maine in Vegas! They played such a great show and it was great sharing in it with my best friends! I love how beautiful the weather was, how amazing the entire trip was. And the cool band tee I got there!” (Feel free to make this script as long and detailed as you’d like 🙂 Have some fun with it!)

As you can see, this is truly a great way to put yourself there. You’re not reflecting on the how, but rather surrendering to the knowing of that feeling. Knowing it is happening or happened. And it is all possible because of the universe in you! So that the outer universe can align to this frequency!

Now for the state of joy, I would script something like, “I am so grateful that I am so joyful all of the time. I love that I have so much gratitude that floods my day. I love that I am grateful for the stars, the sky, the wonderful relationships I have. The more grateful I am, the more I find more to be thankful for. I am so abundant in this gratitude and joy that I feel. It’s great to be this joyful! I feel so amazing!” I’m already feeling joy just writing this!

Get as detailed as you’d like. Like I said, this scripting is entirely up to you and the life you’d like to create 🙂

The universe is effortless and happy to make your dreams happen. It is truly just waiting for you to feel what it is that you want.

I know that at first, this might feel overwhelming. It’s tough to feel something different than what you’re experiencing, but the more you become comfortable with abundant change, the quicker it can arrive. The more the negative cycles of thought can fade away. This doesn’t mean you lose touch with reality, but you are able to handle the things you need to handle with a new perspective and energy. It has profound change on the way we go about our current state of affairs in order to change them into something easier.

By removing the doubt and the fear, you are fully immersed in the happening, the joy it brings. Before long, you’ll be present in a complete dream you once had. I’m sure we have all experienced this before. We had a thought, an idea for a trip or interaction. Got a feeling. And the next thing we know, we are standing in front of that place or person, kind of like wow, I’m here! How did it get here?

The universe! The universe in you!

I recommend practicing scripting every day. If you don’t have the time to sit and write it all out each day, take a quick moment to read it aloud and place yourself in that state of being. Feel free to change it up when one dream comes true or add, edit, etc. It is truly the book of your life!

I hope this inspires you to try scripting, or some form of it. I truly believe it has been one of the most significant practices in all the manifestations I have seen come into my life, especially recently! I used to struggle with overwhelming thoughts of “how” which were building the most resistance. But practicing being in the state of what it is I want has created a reality I am completely in love with.

Just look at our home 🙂

Life is meant to be enjoyed and filled with what reminds us of our power and magnificence. There is beauty in the patience, in the unfolding. This is the journey. If you ever feel doubt, which you will, go out into Earth. She is always there to affirm that a universe that can make something this beautiful, made you. It is all one beautiful energy of love and it is happening right now. You were meant to be joyful and feel loved. We all were. There is nothing you can’t be, do, or have.

Love and Light,


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