The way the sun kisses the water and the water kisses the rocks.

There will be a day these rocks turn into sand and lifetimes, long after us, there will be eyes that will see their form in a much different way than today.

Imagine the already vibrant volcanoes they have come from.

Stretching out and towards a younger moon.

The ages, the eyes that have already loved them.

The eyes that have already loved you.

Every living thing on Earth, has a cycle my love.

A cycle of growth, of breaking down to become new.  

Of ending in order to begin again.

Of loving and breathing and being.

To become as beautiful as the moment before.



Always beautiful.

Always perfect.

Right on time.

My love,

You need nothing.

For you are everything.

Happening and right where you are meant to be.  

Love and Light,


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