Sending love to our mind

Something I know many of us struggle with is silencing our mind. We often try working through its motions, trying to understand who we are and what we are perceiving. It can leave us feeling mentally exhausted and make us feel that it is serves as some sort of evil. The mind can often feel like this because it is a constant happening of who we are. It never stops which can make us feel overwhelmed and avoid giving it the love it is asking for.

On this journey, I have always struggled to become friends and love my mind. But today, I have some wonderful news; it doesn’t have to be this way! There are brighter days ahead 🙂

A few months ago, I happened to listen to a guided meditation by one of my favorite teachers, Sarah Blondin/Live Awake (link to her podcast of meditations below!). She has a 10 day course on Insight Timer, called “Coming Home to Yourself” that I decided to take. The entire course was amazing as expected, but there was a specific day that really stood out to me. This was a part of the course called “clearing dust from the mind.”

In this meditation, we learned to really love our mind and start talking better to it. I couldn’t believe the immediate shift that was made on my self talk and being. I feel like it opened a door of even more surrender and bliss!

I have chosen to send this love to my mind every day since, and it has shifted things incredibly quickly for me. It has given me a freedom I had no idea was waiting for me, a freedom to receive what I have been thinking about.

So often, we come into meditation believing that we need to silence the mind, or clear it. But by sending this energy of need and force, we are unconsciously creating more resistance and lack of silence. We become unwilling to love our entire self, which is absolutely perfect and beautiful! We deserve to feel connected to our mind and love it. It is then, that the mind can radiate immense love, silence, and good thoughts back to us.

The more we give our mind love and appreciation, the more we can shed the war we have with it. Existing in this state of love can only make magic happen. We no longer send hate to what hurts, but rather surrender to and recall all of which feels good. We can then send that unconditional love to everything that exists around us, to our entire world!

This is not going to be an easy choice to make each day, it is not going to always feel the way we want it to, but every step we take has profound change on our experience. Imagine what our world would be like if we could see this love in every bit of life we come across. Major changes for the greater good of creation, of life.

I wanted to share some words and practices that I use to send love to my mind every day. I hope they help you on this journey of self awareness and unconditional love. It is truly within you to make happen.

Whenever it feels right in my daily meditation to do so, I take at least 5 minutes to send all the love I can to my mind. I say things like,

“Thank you for allowing me to perceive love”

“Thank you for allowing me to perceive joy and happiness”

“Thank you for giving me the gift of choosing what I think about.”

“Thank you for my thoughts, the thoughts that become things!”

“Thank you for my ability to be conscious of my energy in this life.”

After I am in this state of gratitude, I then become present to what feels off that day, whatever my mind may be warring with. I then set intentions for my mind like,

“May you bring forward all the things I love about myself today.”

“May you bring forward all the ways in which I love my life today.”

“May you remind me just how much I love every interaction I have, with family, friends, and strangers.”

“May you continue inspiring me with ways to choose my love over my fears.”

I then smile and say, “I love you mind. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love everything about you and I am grateful.”

Finally, I sit in this stillness of love and gratitude until I am ready to move into my day. Ending each meditation with, “Something wonderful is going to happen to us today!” (Credit to Abraham Hicks for this mantra and intention, it works wonders!)

Your being is as beautiful as this. You are this. ❤

I can promise you loves, there will be a state of bliss that washes over you, your being will be in a much different place than it was 5 minutes prior.

By choosing to practice this each day, not only will your mind reach a place of unshakable peace, but so will your thoughts, your body, your entire being. Life will continue to have some tough moments, but the way you react and really understand them will be entirely different. And then the positive shifts can really happen. You will notice this peace come into your interactions, relationships, and so many of the moments you experience.

Making peace with the mind and loving it deeply can only bring you more love. Love for yourself, others, animals, earth. My love, I ask that you love it the way you love watching a sunset or putting your feet in the ocean. Love it just like that. Because all that you are, your mind, your body, your spirit, the earth that is lifting you up, is all one. Your mind is a beautiful place to start.

All my love,


Live Awake:

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