3 evenings of magic in the sky this weekend.

Oh love,

The sun is a giant star in space.

In the gigantic, endless, expansive universe.

It mixes with the moisture of our Earth and paints our sky in its setting.

It warms our bodies, but more than anything, loves our sweet Earth.

Loves it enough to give it Life.
To the Earth that gives us life.

To the trees that extend oxygen to our world and creation,

To the sea that controls the temperature,

To the soil that grows our food.

This is no mistake.

This is nothing to solve or figure out.

One simply cannot sustain without the other.

To think we are ever alone,

To think that we don’t matter,

To think that when it is over, all we do is fall into an endless slumber.

It is a waste of our consciousness. Of life.

You are part of the vastness, the unexplored, the energy that is holding all of it together.

You deserve to experience your body, to give your senses something beautiful to taste.

And love,

it is right outside your window.

Just waiting to kiss those eyes.

If you feel alone, misunderstood, afraid, go outside and breath in the oxygen.

Feel the way it fills your lungs and exhale.

Feel the life inside of you.

If you are in pain, don’t wait any longer.

Put your feet in the soil and understand that you are still alive in this body to do so.

The more you come to know this Earth, the more magical it becomes.

The more you are reminded of just how connected we all are.

Today, I ask that you travel to a tree. Place your palm on it and say thank you.

Feel its texture, and embrace the way it is one of its kind.

That it grows in spite of the wars around it.

And see that in you.

See that in others.

There is so much gratitude to be felt for being alive in this time and place to create loving change.

Choose to be kind to our Earth, keep her clean.

Choose to be kind to yourself, to take yourself some place to be today.

Choose to be kind and recognize the miracle in others.

The entirety of creation deserves peace.


The creatures of land and sea.


Our life started with a giant star in space.

So peace can start in you.

Jai Ma

Love and Light,


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