Solo Trip to the Oregon Coast

The universe unfolded a beautiful adventure for me this week 🙂 I was invited to spend some time on the Oregon coast to get away from the city. My cousins were going to be out of town, but were kind enough to open up their home to me in Seaside. Thanks again Domingo and Meagan! Isn’t the universe amazing? I immediately knew this was the ocean calling me back to her. I knew this trip would lead to a lot of adventure and experience, but had no idea just how much I would learn to love my higher self and solitude even more!

It is vital that in being our best selves, we learn to be alone. To learn to enjoy our own company and nurture our being. When we are alone with ourselves, we are often reminded of who we really are. Though this can sometimes be scary to uncover and understand, Earth is always there to help. While on this trip, I had moments of loneliness. When these thoughts and feelings came about, I quickly realized it wasn’t so much about being alone, it was about the ways my mind was tricking me to think I was alone. How can I be at one of the most beautiful places on Earth and feel alone?

So I got up and ventured out into every little place spirit led me. I even found myself at the NW corner of Oregon which was an absolutely magical experience!

Ecola State Park

It was stormy, the sea was loud, the wind hugged me in its fearlessness and at times, I thought, “This must be what it feels to fly.”

Indian Beach

This time of year is quiet on the Coast, so I took that as a blessing and stayed at each location for a small meditation. In these moments, I always find my answers. The inspiration, the signals, the certainty that, yes, my dreams will all come true; they are coming true.

But perhaps the most magical answer was opening my eyes to the sea and realizing I am living the very dream I once dreamed. The dream to travel, to be brave enough to do it alone, to stay moving and present in every moment, to really be open to this journey of self discovery and peace. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been worth all the unfolding.

My loves, please don’t wait for the right day, the right paycheck, or the right partner. You must create all of this. Right now.

Pack your bags, pack snacks and food to prepare, treat yourself to a local coffee or tea wherever you end up.

Whether it be a 10 minute drive to the park or a flight across the world, make it an adventure. Have gratitude for the source surrounding you and giving you life, giving you this very experience. It is there that more adventures can unfold and even bigger travels can unfold. There will be solo trips and group trips, love, discovery, joy.

Listen for Mother Earth’s call and be lost in this beautiful source that we come from and are. The sky, the sea, this Earth we are standing on is all one.

Be reminded, my love.

Be reminded of how magical you and all of this really is.

Jai Ma

Love and Light,


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