Long Beach, my heart

I am so grateful to be back sharing love and light with you all! I just got back from my vacation to Long Beach, California. My family and I went down to visit my brother and his beautiful family for the holiday and new year. The trip was 10 days long, which means my family and I spent a lot of time together and it was wonderful 🙂

As I come to be more trusting of my higher self, I understand that every experience in this life is opening me up to more love and peace. This trip really brought my family and I a whole lot closer than I was expecting. Though we have always been close, I felt like we were all a lot more present in our conversations with each other. I felt completely blessed to be learning more about their lives and dreams. Every morning I send my family love and abundance, but I could see just how much they radiate that right back to me. I truly came to understand how supported and loved I am. Life has a funny way of unfolding each experience into part of your growth and expansion.

Building Castles from the sand ❤

This trip opened me up to a new growth in my journey with my family. In surrendering to my highest self, I am learning to surrender to life and not project need onto others. To not project my opinion onto those whom I love, but rather live in my joy and allow it to be the space in which we meet.

With our family, it is easy to think we know what’s best for each other. We are all completely different human beings but also incredibly similar. Our family is a group of people that we have experienced much of our past with. So how do we let go of past conditioning, energy, and idea of ownership to enjoy our individual lives in a healthy space together?

We remove our attachment. We give them the freedom to be themselves. We surrender to the need to control them.

When we do this, we then remove the exact same projections we place on ourselves. Even if we don’t recognize it 🙂 This was something I was learning but finally surrendered to with this time in Long Beach. I noticed that by the end of the trip, my family and I were all laughing at the little things that happened and sharing so much love and support. My brother called me the night I landed back in Seattle to tell me to get my van and live my dream. That I was a great person and I can do anything I set my mind to in this life. That I had his full support. It was truly such a blessed moment. It was as if the universe was saying, “I told you so!”

We are all very different, but we come together when it comes to unconditional love. We surrender our control to one another, and wish only the very best. That is freedom. That is something to be thankful for and what I needed to fully learn.

Another huge part of my trip was waking up early each morning and going out alone to meditate and be with myself.

With vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to express gratitude while we are experiencing so much beauty! We are also vacating from our normal routine so it can be easy to stray from our higher selves and practices. This was my way of connecting with Mother Earth, expressing gratitude, and sending love to myself and the world each day.

I always ended up at the Ocean, feeling full of love, energy, and clarity. I even spent hours on New Year’s Eve morning reflecting and setting intentions for the New Year. It felt like the universe guided me to be in that very space to do so at that very moment.

One major understanding I came to on these morning adventures was the condition of our beloved oceans and planet. Though I have made many steps in my life to be more conscious of the ecosystem and our home, I now feel that there is more I can do. On each trip to the beach or wherever I saw trash, I chose to pick it up. I vowed to the ocean that I will do this on every adventure from now on. It may not be the trash I littered, but it is my responsibility to keep it out of the belly of a sacred animal. To keep it from the surface of Mama. And it is my responsibility as an aunt to give my niece and nephew a beautiful planet to enjoy and appreciate. I will be organizing a clean up this Summer, so look out for information this Spring. Would love to have you 🙂

I enjoyed each connection I made with my family, but my time with my niece and nephew is always incredibly special. Kids are incredibly connected little humans. My nephew who is 8, and my niece at a year and a half teach me more than any person I know about presence. Their minds aren’t running around with insecurity or worry. They are so very present in each activity they are experiencing or looking at. They are learning with each moment. Aging is a beautiful thing as we become more conscious of wisdom and how to use it. But it is important to remain as children in our spirit. With minds and hearts, eager to experience and be.

This trip brought a lot of truth that I feel so blessed to experience. All of it really contributes to the biggest lesson I have learned in this life as a divine being. And that is to be present. To surrender to the gifts that presence brings. In presence, we gain the ability to really connect with others, to see the beauty in a being’s eyes. We don’t need to hang on to human control because we are here in this moment, not feeling the need to feed our mind with distraction or worry about the future. From that place, love unfolds quickly. Abundance flows and flows as a gift, not to fill or distract our voids. (As I write this, the Seattle sun has peaked through the clouds and is kissing me on the face through this coffee shop window. Jai Ma.)

Keep the love. Keep all the love. Let go of the control and the mind made worry. Be here and do what it is you are doing now. If it reading this, be here. Your world must be lived, but in this moment, be here. Wherever you are, be present. When you talk to someone today, look in their eyes, smile and understand they are also part of this divine creation, this universe. This is where life can unfold in beautiful ways and really speak to you. May this year be off to a great start and full of abundant love and gratitude.

Love and Light,


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