Feeling our way into abundance and love.

Often times, we can forget that our eternal happiness is in this moment. It is easy to get caught in our desires and dreams so much so that we forget to be present.  It is a beautiful thing to want to be healthy, abundant in life and relationships, but what holds us back is believing that once this all comes about, we will be ultimately happy. We will be complete or loved.   This idea keeps us in a place of lack because the truth is, we have the ability to feel these wonderful things in this very moment.

Not only does this lack mindset keep our dreams from appearing, but we never reach a place of fulfillment.  Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to live our whole lives with the belief that no matter what we have or do, we won’t be happy?

You in this moment, are earth. You are source. You are energy. You are this bigger thing that you want. But most importantly, you are enough. The material possessions and relationships we want are a product of our truth, but not needed to reach happiness. Imagine the love we could give others without the need for something in return.  How we could love ourselves.  To give this love without pain or resentment, but freedom and peace.  Our world would be a much different place. Where we could all be divinely free. 

You have the ability to feel, to think, to experience.  This is your human and universal freedom! Becoming conscious of this is so incredibly important because it is the first step to changing the direction of your life.  Our universe is constantly in motion, manifesting to what we tune our feelings to.



You deserve an abundant and beautiful life, and it is your right to choose those better feelings for yourself. 

A practice I like to do is becoming conscious of my feelings throughout the day.  For instance, let’s say I accidentally break one of my favorite mugs (I actually did this the other day). In that moment, I will probably be feeling hurt, sad, frustrated, and rolling my eyes because I have a mess to clean up.  In a moment like this, I can choose to sit in those feelings and be devastated about the mug. 


I choose to become aware of those feelings, and instead, turn my feelings and energy into something entirely different! Yes love, you have the freedom to do this! Not only that, but we really only need one mug to drink from, so the idea that we need more makes us feel these kinds of negative emotions. 

I would then feel my way into feeling abundant.  I know it sounds silly, but this actually works 🙂 I will think to myself, “It is unfortunate, but I am so thankful I had that mug for as long as I had. My mom found it for me at a moment in time and felt love when she bought it for me.  I used it every day and I am so glad for that! Now I get to use more of the other mugs I’ve received from her and other loved ones.” I will then start thinking of all the wonderful people who bought  mugs with me in mind. This will start to make me feel loved and super abundant! Then I will start to smile, and say affirmations like, “I am thankful. I am abundant. I am happy!” 

Within a few moments, I am instantly feeling better. I can clean up the mess with a light heart instead of frustration.  Before I know it, I have built an energy around me and within me that radiates love. Imagine the type of day we can have if we shift these energies throughout our day 🙂

This is the power of our spirit, our mind, our feelings.  When we feel upset, uncomfortable, and afraid, we are feeling this way because we are out of alignment with our power.  

This also works on a bigger scale.  Let’s say we are deeply hurt by someone we love, whether it be a family member, friend, or significant other. We can feel completely powerless and lose sight of our choice to feel different.  This is because we are giving the power to that person to make us feel good. Instead of understanding once again, that we can generate our feelings towards love. When I go through things like this, I do my best not to blame the other person.  At the end of the day, we are each doing the best we know how to based on where we arrive in that moment. And that’s okay, because no one is truly responsible for our happiness.

I simply feel it out for a few moments and then choose different. I think to myself, thank goodness that person did me wrong, now I know what I don’t want to invest my energy in. Or I focus on the positive parts of that relationship.  I will think, “You know, this person hurt me, but they may be going through something I don’t understand.  And I am thankful for their love when I was going through a tough moment that one week.  I am thankful they brought me lunch or called me.”  This instantly changes the way we project towards that person, but ultimately ourselves.  We are giving ourselves a gift to radiate love within and all around.  

Maybe you forgive this person, talk it out and things work out okay. Or maybe you reach a place where you understand this person is not going to meet you at your frequency.  And that is completely okay too! We don’t have to hang onto energy that doesn’t make us feel good. Don’t think so much about the future, but rather focus on getting yourself to a loving place.  The universe is reacting to your energy, so if you are radiating worry, fear, anger, resentment, you will receive a lot more. But if you radiate love, peace, acceptance, and understanding, you will see some miracle events unfold with the world around you.  This is not an easy practice, I understand.  It is incredibly difficult to change the cycles in our mind.  Many of us have lived with negative or fearful thought patterns our whole lives.

This is a journey love. I myself still have to check in with my spirit often.  But with the commitment to return to love, it becomes easier and the changes are completely worth it.  You came into this human experience to unfold your life with the energy you are.  May it be loving, kind, abundant, and absolutely wonderful.

This surrender is the greatest form of self love there is.

Talk soon.

Love and Light,



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