Feeling responsibility for the pain of others

This week has been a pretty heavy week for my spirit.  I had an energy from my past life come in and it overwhelmed me in ways I wasn’t quite ready for.  It’s amazing how something that affected us so much in the past can bring in a negative vibration of that same energy, even years later. This will happen on our journey into our higher selves. It is human to have a past, to revisit in order to fully let go.

But by really focusing on where I am today, and how much I have grown and learned to shed energy from the past, I really started to feel quite wonderful quite quickly. As I was processing the temptation to give in to this person, I uncovered what it was I was really hanging onto.  I started to understand it was this idea that I am responsible for feeling someone else’s pain and letting it become part of my life.  Though it is important for us to be empathetic, it is always important we are first looking out for our own energy.  There are truly moments and people out there who don’t deserve this energy of ours. It doesn’t mean they’re awful people or that we need to wish them terrible things. We have the ability to both send someone love and let go of the attachment we feel in our empathy.  

I have to be honest, it was hard to hear this being was not in a happy state, but I knew that this place of need they were projecting onto me was coming from a low frequency.  I knew it was making me feel used and I had to finally take a stand and remove and block this energy. It was painful, but I know that it is for the respect of who my higher self is.  For all that I am and have come to know.  For my continued freedom!

The truth is, when we aren’t protecting our own energy and giving into our kind nature, we can’t help anyone else.  We think we are being too selfish in not giving our everything to everyone else, but love, you are most important in this.  This life is occurring around you and because of you. Everything you experience is seen through your eyes, so what you radiate, you send to others. What you experience is important.  If we are always allowing energy into our heart that don’t feel good or make us feel used, we are radiating this to the world around us. Love, kindness, service, joy.  None of these can exist in a lower vibration so it is so important to make sure we know where our spirit is at this moment.

The world needs love and your help, but when you are aware of energies that truly don’t reciprocate the love you give, it is vital that we accept this and let them go.  There was a major part of my human life that I would give in to this person every day, be their shoulder to cry on, and hoped they would help themselves so we could be a light together. It felt like I would never break free because my empathy caused me to constantly take on their pain. I didn’t want to give up on them, but after years, I felt my spirit calling. Calling the universe to guide me out. I got to a point that I was ready to let the universe take their lead and guide their journey. But most importantly, I was ready to enjoy my own wonderful life and the energy I radiated. 

I sit here today, completely in awe and gratitude for the life I have had since removing this energy a few years ago.  I have had so many wonderful experiences, met so many wonderful people. My life is truly becoming my absolute dream, and I have loved others deeper than the ocean.  My connection with spirit is the most powerful part of my life. I wouldn’t change that for the world! I am understanding that these little moments will happen. There will always be energies that we let go of that will try and come back in.  I like to think of them as reminders. Reminders of just how far we have come and what we have lived through.  

It is my hope that we all accept the guidance to remove these energies.  I know it is really difficult my love, I know it hurts. I know we want the explanations, the apologies, the understanding.  But our own energies, our own love to give is wasted on giving those thoughts our time.  It is good to grieve, but it is best to choose a moment to finally let go. There will be a day you acknowledge what these energies taught you and send love to the experience. Send love to that person or place. And continue on the beautiful path of your own truth.

I believe in me. I believe in you. 
I am here for you. 

Let us let go and be free.

Love and Light,


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