Self Love-Spending time with ourselves.

It’s 7 am in Seattle and I am having my morning cup of coffee.  It’s still dark out and my world is quiet.  I am reflecting on my life the last few weeks and just feel this peace come over me. There has been so much change but so much release.  The best is the continuous self-love I have been practicing for me to receive this change with positivity and peace. I had bad days but the practice to stay in love helped in ways I could never imagine.

When we send out our fears about the future into the universe, this is what we will receive.  But when we arrive in the higher self and approach change in a new way, beautiful things can unfold. We begin to receive change with love, without fear. Can you imagine?

This is the importance of self-love. This is the unshakeable love, the endless love, it is the universe, it is you.

When this big change occured, I began to feel uneasy. Having to come out of my comfort zone felt a little intimidating.  I had to make the choice to take time and focus on my vasculitis flare up and leave my day job.  This is a big deal because so many thoughts flooded my mind. I felt like I was a quitter, like my body was a quitter, and it was hard to get out of that mind set of not being enough.  It was hard not to think about how this van will come into my life financially. This control and fear spiraled into me projecting onto others and it felt terrible overall.  And as energy works, my mind kept getting darker and more stressful things unfolded. Even choosing to stay in my meditative practice became difficult.

This is when I had to pause and sit with everything in me that was affecting everything around me.  I knew that to change my energy, I would have to remember who I really am (love).  I took a solid afternoon and evening to be present in my emotions.  To cry it out, feel all the things I wanted to about myself and just allow it to come to surface.  The next day, I felt different when I sat in meditation.  I felt like that brain fog had lifted and I was able to address what my mind thought was wrong with me or this situation.  I was basing all of my negative self talk on the conditioning of our world.  On my human self instead of the energy and piece of the earth I am.  The idea of not being enough is a myth because we’re all energy flowing in life. There is no right way to do life. Then I realized, wow, Stefani. Wake up! You wanted to devote more time in helping others and pursue your passions. You wanted something big to change. You wanted more time with Earth.  Maybe it wasn’t the easiest to accept at first, but I really do have the freedom of my life to pursue the things I am passionate about. To live. And the universe made it happen! It’s amazing what this change in perspective did for me.  It won’t be the easiest road but I  have so much gratitude for this time, for this manifested change and freedom. For the time to listen to the universe, myself, and my next shift in life.

Change can be scary, it is easy to give in to our cycle of fear about it. But when we take the time to really sit with ourselves and allow our emotions to flow, we can quickly come back to a place of peace.  It may require us to release an attachment we are feeling towards something or someone, but the more we learn to surrender to life, we begin to grow in our fearlessness.  And the universe shifts our life into the direction of our dreams.

Meditation is important.  Your practice of reminding yourself you are loved is important.  Choosing the new perspective is important. Being present in Earth and listening to her love is important.

They give your mind peace, your mind a chance to choose the loving perspective. You are so deserving of this in life! And then you get to radiate it the world 🙂

To close this, I want to leave you with an affirmation I’ve been saying the most throughout my day.  One that keeps me in a state of love for myself and others.  I say it at the store, driving, when I am with earth.  No matter my emotions, it helps me come back to my highest self. My freedom.

“I am loved. I am loving.”


Hang in there loves, you got this.

Love and Light,



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