My healing adventure with XCT Oil and why you should give it a try!

Hello loves! I have such a special holistic secret to share with you all today!

I wanted to make sure I used an entire bottle before expressing my love for XCT oil! Before trying this oil, I had heard and read so many beautiful benefits about it.

I heard it would help with inflammation, hormonal functions, brain fog clearing and give me a ton of energy! Not only did I see benefits in all of these areas, but I discovered so many more gifts it has to offer to the human body 🙂

XCT is a triple filtered MCT oil. This rare filtration ensures that only the most beneficial parts of the healthy fat are present.  It is a liquid oil that can be easily blended into smoothies, coffee, salads, anywhere you can think of really.

The XCT Oil I have been using is by a company called Bulletproof. They make a wide range of holistic products that aid in natural health. I bought mine at Whole Foods, but they have their own website and are sold on Amazon.  Links below!

As human beings, we are told that our bodies should consume little fat.  This isn’t neccessarily true.  We get our energy from fat, so its important to be consuming a lot of the right kind.  At first, I was nervous that XCT would make me gain extra weight, but it didn’t, only muscle with my yoga practice! I later learned it helps in boosting the metabolism and is a lot less likely to get stored as body fat than other fats.  Consuming XCT Oil daily along with a healthier diet and less sugar can shift your body’s health significantly.

As someone who also intermittent fasts during the evenings/mornings, I discovered that by drinking this along with Ghee in my morning coffee, I am much more productive and energized than fasting on a completely empty stomach. I plan on writing a blog on the benefits of intermittent fasting and Ghee soon as well  🙂

This morning blended hot drink curbs my appetite until 1pm and I have plenty of energy during these fasting periods.   I should also mention I consume about 1 Tablespoon of XCT oil a day! That’s all I really need.

After consuming this oil for nearly 3 months, I am noticing some significant changes in my body.  I ultimately feel more energized. As someone who lives with a naturally treated autoimmune disease, I have to fight fatigue a lot.  The inflammation in my body causes me to feel run down, sore, and weak.  I’ve noticed that XCT gives me the energy and physical strength to get through my work day (I’m a barista on my feet!).  Usually, I will take a long nap to recharge after work, but I am needing less and less naps to sustain my day and keep busy! My pain levels aren’t necessarily decreasing due to the scarring in my body, but I feel myself going on a lot more hikes with a lot less breaks 😀 Hormonally, I really do feel my body returning to some balance.  My period symptoms aren’t half as severe as they used to be, and my breakouts are calming down! My focus seems clearer, which in turn helps my mindfulness and meditation practice.  Overall, I could never thank the universe enough for bringing XCT Oil into my life.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways this remedy comes full circle is that it is made with 100% sustainable coconut.  With no added palm oils which have destroyed much of our earthly environment and homes around the world in producing other MCT products. It means a lot to see a company that is conscious of these productive steps.  Also, I should mention I have not been sponsored to represent Bulletproof.  I truly just felt guided to this product, tried it, and want the whole world to know about it.

It is my hope that you give this stuff a try.  It is a huge piece to achieving the life we want naturally ❤

Love and Light,


I will be trying Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil next! Proven to provide the same effects 🙂


Bulletproof XCT Oil

Bulletproof XCT on Amazon


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