Travel in any form

I feel like I am riding a wave of manifestations in my travel life lately. So much so that I am enjoying being back home and appreciating my solo time again 🙂

I wanted to share some photos of my recent trip to Red Rock Canyon recently, but also wanted to shed some light on travel!

It is amazing to look back on the Summer I had and how many new places I got to explore and experience. I know that the reason these adventures have unfolded are because of my willingness to choose the unknown.  To choose the moments with Earth over my routine.  It has been such a rewarding experience but I really owe it to the Universe for allowing me to generate and expand this energy.  I owe it to gratitude and perspective.


I felt like I was getting trapped in a state of fear because we are told that finances are needed to travel.  As someone who has worked many service jobs, this fear became incredibly overwhelming.  In the past, I have completely allowed this thought to overcome my travel intentions.

But as I move into my light and become more and more trusting of the universe/God/source/higher self, I knew I didn’t need to ask but understand it would happen.

In meditation, I would take a few minutes to look at a plane crossing my window, close my eyes, and say, “I love to travel.”  I would feel the way it would feel to be in a plane, on my way to Ireland. This is a practice I learned from a spiritual teacher once and decided to really try it.  Ireland has always been my dream.

Throughout the warmers seasons, I would pack a healthy and filling lunch, snacks(future blog post), plenty of water, and my camera. I would set out to experience a bit of fresh air every day whether some place new or I previously enjoyed.  I was realizing that by doing this, I was traveling every day! I could feel myself really investing in this energy, not because I wanted to travel but because it made me feel free and gave me a greater connection to Earth. The van life idea came from these adventures and my love to be outdoors every day.  As I became present to what made me feel free, travel continued.

Dreams come true.

I would visit friends or my home town and make a road trip out of it, stopping at places I never took the time to before.  Breathing in the silence. As the Summer passed, I felt incredible gratitude and before I knew it, I was on two separate plane rides within 2 weeks of each other. One to Long Beach, California and one to Las Vegas, Nevada.  What is amazing to me is that I had envisioned walking on Red Rock in meditation a few months prior. Standing there in real life was a powerful understanding that I am loved and supported. That it is okay to say yes to something new. That loving myself sets me free of the expectations others have for my life.

I have met so many incredible people on these journey’s, bonded in new ways with people I have known for years, and let go of the fears I was clinging to.  These trips haven’t required me to be made of money, but somehow the experience arrives in abundance. The universe truly does find a way when you believe and release the “how”.


Sunset Paintings in the sky

This is the power of our energy.  It does not mean we end up on a plane to Ireland tonight, but it gets the ball rolling.  Once we choose to generate this energy by finding joy in sitting at a park, we allow more adventure to come in.  My hope for all of us is that we don’t get caught up in the travel others are doing, but understand that there is a timing to the energy we radiate.  It will come into our lives when we have gratitude for the adventure in our day.  May we release the control we think we need and know it will happen.  I truly believe my trip to Ireland is on its way.  I have been looking for vans and know it will arrive at the perfect time.  I never in my life thought this would be the life I am allowing into my own, but it is. And it is more beautiful than any life I could have pictured for myself.

To be with Earth. Sweetest Earth. Source. Love.

May your life find you in your travels. Speak soon.

Love and Light,









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