The love that brings you back to love. Long Beach, California


Hello everyone! I hope you have all been doing wonderful.  I have been so busy doing some traveling and currently figuring out my next move to save up for my van.  Not sure if I want to stay in Seattle for another 7 months or find a new option. With all of these changes, I was getting overwhelmed.  However, I recently came home from a trip to Long Beach, California with my family to visit my brother and his family. The first thing my dad told me was, “Steffi, on this trip I just want you to let go of everything you’ve got going on in Seattle and enjoy yourself.  It will work out.” This kind of woke me up to the fears I was having.

I chose from that point to immerse myself in the being present during the trip and enjoy every moment.  

I also took myself on a solo sunrise adventure every morning. I even slept on the beach in the rental suv one night.  Just to be near the Earth. Near my calling. To experience it because the moment was there to be embrace.

I met so many wonderful people on these journeys and had some powerful meditations.

But most importantly, the time with my family was spent with many laughs, smiles, and love.  

It was really special to me that we could also all bond over my future van. To hear everyone get excited for me choosing to live in my truth is more special than I could ever express.

It was the grounding I needed. Loved ones are magical, they are a big part in how we go out into our world and experience what love is.

In a state of gratitude.  

Love and light,


Long Beach Pier
Sunrise colors


My beloved Niece Avi turned 1! Andrea my beautiful sister in law.
Brother Jess and Dad
Sister Kristi
Sweetest Nephew Damian


Bolsa Chica Beach
Adventure Rig 



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