Choosing to begin a new life.

I am beginning such a significant time in my human experience and I wanted to share with you all! I put my notice in at my job, and ended my lease. Both of these will come to their close in my life at the end of September.  

I will then be selling all of my belongings in the next six months following, including my car, and purchasing a van to call my home!  I have been envisioning and designing the layout of my tiny home, and it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.  The van will be completely livable and sustainable for me and the earth.  Complete with a kitchen, converting couch to bed, and the comforts of my spirit.  

I will be embarking on a journey through the west coast and exploring every bit of nature I can. I’m excited to be bringing my dog and cat with me as well! And I have immense gratitude that I get to share this entire journey with you all, as I recently manifested a new camera into my life!

I am incredibly excited about this new journey, but I also have those human fears that creep in.  This is going to be an entirely new life for me to experience. But in all of this, I know that this is the life I came here to live.  

For the last few weeks, I was apartment hunting around the coast, trying to find something that would be cheaper so I could travel.  But where there was a cheaper home, there were lower wages. I felt stressed, confused, and it felt like I was denying my heart what it really wanted: To be with nature. To be with our home. To help others. Of all I have shared about allowing, I felt stuck because of finances and outer influences. But in the love I have for myself, I remained in that love and moved forward.

In every meditation last week, I asked the Universe, God, Spirit, Source, to guide me into my light. To tell me what to do.  I then decided to let go of the fearful thought patterns I was having and believed the answer was on its way. 

I smiled and said thank you.

As the week unfolded, friends and family were expressing things I really needed to hear. Things began to unfold as if they were pointing me straight to the life I have been dreaming of.  For years, I have wanted to live the van life and explore. But I lacked the courage to let go of the things that were making this vision a dream instead of a reality. I wasn’t fully in tune with my heart in the past.  I am having to give up a lot of my human comfort in order to embrace the new.  My apartment, my life in Seattle, my job, my material possessions. All of these I love, but I truly know I have found happiness in the place that means more than these: my highest self.  So how can I be afraid any longer? Everywhere I go is now home.

By removing rent payments from my life, and living the most sustainable life I can, not only will I have time and money to travel the world, but the states I have seen so little of. I have lived in Washington my whole life, but there is so much I have not yet explored.  I will have a home; the only difference is that it will be on wheels and take me wherever my heart calls to in the moment.  

I want to share this with you because I want you to know that it is okay to make a choice to change your life.  It is okay if this choice is not following the social norm.  It is okay to be scared, to let others scare you.  But the most important thing of all, is that you make this decision with the intention that burns brightly in the depths of your heart.  That you let this light burn with love through the doubts, the fears, the influence.

There will be many who don’t agree with you. But I am finding that the ones who are meant to be part of your human life, will be happy to see you living the life that calls you.  Forgive yourself for the moments you didn’t choose this life.  Understand that things come in divine timing with the energy you are radiating. If you sit in the silent of this moment and ask yourself about the life you want, please listen closely.  If it is not the life you are living, understand you have the choice to choose different.  This is not a choice you have to be given, it is your birthright. 

My loves, this is why self love is the most vital part of this human experience.  Once we begin to love ourselves, we begin to love the world we are living in, and the source that created and surrounds us. We become honest with ourselves, listen to ourselves, and embrace change with openness instead of fear. The universe cannot do it’s magic until we become open to choosing different than the cycles we are living in.

More than anything, I hope that you remember to be patient with yourself.  Our lives are a collection of the present moment, things are allowed to be up in the air and you are allowed to deny your heart; I’ve done it for many years! Take your time in understanding what it is that you want.  But I really do believe, deep in my heart and in what I have experienced, that once we truly begin to love ourselves, our energy changes. We begin to radiate and receive more love.  More truth.  More light.

This is a place that exists inside of us.  Not in others, not in money, success, or material things.  And you deserve to experience this love.

You are energy moving through a body, and you have the right to let go and begin something new.

May you sit with your heart today and listen.

If it is hard to listen, send love to the earth instead.  Send love to the energy and source around you.

Watch magic happen.

Feel yourself bloom and expand.


Have gratitude.



Love and Light,


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