Self-Love Affirmations

Hello Loves, I hope your week has been wonderful!

I have been asked a lot this week about what I do when I am stuck in a fearful head space.  It was perfect timing because I caught myself in this particular state at the beginning of the week.  As a collective, we all go through fearful moments, so please know this is common, no matter how much we choose to express it.

A little bit about why I was feeling foggy this week:

I have been looking for a new place to live as my lease is up in a few months.  With a lot of money to think about and how the move will go, my mind felt clouded.  Finding a new place to call home can be very scary.  I caught myself speeding through each moment and even worrying about the future. My mind began to say, “You could just extend your lease here again and make it work.” I’ve lived in my particular apartment for nearly 6 years and though rent would go up, this is entirely possible. However, I know I am in a place where I want to pay less rent and instead travel and see the world. But my fear had a hold on my mind.  As I caught myself stuck in this fearful pattern, I could see how I was settling for the comfortable over the new and embracing of change.  This was not my higher self.

I instantly got out of my searching on the computer and took myself to my favorite spot near the water.  I took my shoes off, felt the rocks beneath my feet, felt the wind and   sat in silence.  I felt every part of that moment, every peaceful part of being energy and whispered, “Thank you.”  This is why I always encourage us to go outside when we feel lost and stuck in old patterns.  This grounding is necessary in understanding that many of our struggles come from the inner dialogue of our mind and not the source of who we are.  It allows us to see how truly beautiful, loved, and supported we are by life.

Somehow, a mixture of Earth, Meditation and affirmations always turns me around quickly. They allow me to forgive myself for being anxious and thank myself for making the choice to choose different. Now I am choosing to get excited about the change and abundance to come! A new home, new city, new people, and a whole new experience.  One does not need to know how things will happen, this is what keeps us in fear. Rather, one must know it will. We can then move into each moment with knowing and joy. This change in perspective changes the frequency and allows peace and abundance to come in.

I would like to share some of my daily self-love affirmations with you today and hope they find you with love.  The love we give to ourselves is vital as it sets up the energy for our higher selves and the way we approach life. These affirmations can be said during meditation, throughout your day, in the morning, at night, whenever you remember to use them.  There’s also no exact formula, so feel free to use any positive affirmations that call to your higher self. I catch myself smiling big when I use these repeatedly.  And I have truly noticed how the journey begins to unfold with a lot more ease and gratitude.

Take a deep breath love, let go of the energy that holds you in place and repeat:

I am Love. I am Love. I am Love.

I am Loved. I am Loved. I am Loved.

I am Kind. I am Kind. I am Kind.

I am Supported. I am Supported. I am Supported.

I am Abundant. I am Abundant. I am Abundant.

I am Happy. I am Happy. I am Happy.

I am Healthy. I am Healthy. I am Healthy.

I am Wonderful. I am Wonderful. I am Wonderful.

I am in harmony with my highest self.

I am happy with all that I have.

I am beautiful. I am beautiful. I am beautiful.

I am free. I am free. I am free.

I love and accept myself.

I love and approve of myself.

I am here. I am happy. I am alive.

Thank you.

Smile, sweetest love, and allow this to align with you.  Allow this to change the course ❤

Love and Light,



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