Stillness is gratitude.

This last year has brought a lot of change into everyone’s life it seems.  In my personal human experience and hearing from others, it seems the dark days really end up bringing us out on the happier end.  That our relationships are a product of the energy we radiate.

This morning I decided to sit, reflect and express love for the change that has occurred.  There were moments I genuinely didn’t think I could possibly conquer, and here I am, thankful for every moment that happened. Thankful for life and loving myself through it all.

I believe gratitude to be the reason for the most beautiful shifts in my human experience.

I used to think gratitude was sitting and saying thank you. Though this is partially true, I have found gratitude to be the ability to stay present. To really look.

With all that goes on in our lives and the suffering in our world, it can be incredibly difficult to feel thankful.  We get stuck in the cycles of our thoughts and the next thing we know, we haven’t stopped to take a deep breath and understand where we are.  Gratitude is our answer to changing the frequency of this world, yet it is something we overlook most often.


What I want you to experience right now is a moment of presence/gratitude:


Take a deep breath in for 4 seconds


Hold for 4 seconds,


Breathe out for 4 seconds,


Say “Thank you.”

Repeat 3 times.

Feel the energy and life inside of you?

Our breathing is something we forget occurs naturally.  We come into this world like the creatures in life around us, to breath.  Isn’t that incredible?

We forget that the Earth is constantly providing us oxygen to breathe.  Even by being conscious of this gift is a huge form of gratitude.  When everything seems to be going wrong next time, please take a moment to reflect and use this breathing technique to be present and thankful.  Earth provides in every moment, even during our most trying times. It always has.  This is a gift we are given, to exist in this way.  As we understand this, we begin to find more things to be grateful for.

Looking up at the clouds, feeling the way gravity keeps us grounded, remembering the energies that make us smile and hopeful.

I used to wake up and immediately, the mental noise would clutter my head. I’d open up instagram, check my likes, and always felt a wave of depression come over me.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was setting me up for a terrible day and perspective.  By choosing to change my lifestyle, I developed a new morning routine I’ve been using in the last year. I genuinely believe it to be the reason for who I am today.


When I get up in the morning, I look at this huge banner I painted “Gratitude” on and look up at it.  It reminds me to say, “Thank you for this life today.” I turn on one of my spiritual teachers to give me words of wisdom while I get ready for the day. I meditate and take a moment to say thank you for little things that have occurred.  For having a great day at the park with my dog, for the sunrise I saw days before. For having air in my lungs, my family, my pets, my friends and connections.  The sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds, the sky.  Some days are easier to do this than others, but by making the daily choice to say thank you, the people I know are changing, the people I am meeting align with who I am, work is wonderful, the things I am creating for myself are wonderful.  Life is beautiful.

We may want that new job, more money, true love, success or all of it. But often, our desire for these leaves us in the autopilot mode.  Focused on what we want to receive instead of being present to what we are receiving. These dreams are all possible, and we are meant to have this abundance in our life.  But we must first be thankful for what our presence brings.  This moment is all that there is.  This is the only place we ever experience life. Tomorrow is not something that happens.  We are simply living from moment to moment.  When we start becoming present and thankful for the now, we will see our life shift in some profound and beautiful ways.  Problems fall away, pains fall away, and love begins to enter.  Abundance is received with grace and gratitude.

I encourage anyone reading this to try a new routine in thinking and being this week. In a journal or document, write the things that make you unhappy, about the situations or people that seem to make your life challenging. When a moment arrives that leaves you in a cycle of negative thinking, take a deep breath, wherever you are and say thank you.  Choose to smile and approach life the opposite of what you normally would.  See this person with love instead. This doesn’t mean anything is set in stone, just try it, you are not wrong in trying something different.  Help others, spend time with Earth. Commit tp this change in thinking and being for a week, and then reflect. Write down what is rapidly changing for you.

In practicing presence, we practice gratitude. The more we become thankful for this very breath, the more we become thankful for life and become conscious of the way we exist.

Gratitude becomes something you carry with you always.

Enjoy this change, enjoy the shift and the entering of love. I am with you and sending you lots of love.

Oh, before I forget,

I took these to remind you,

This is you…


I think it’s beautiful the way you set and rise.

Love and Light,



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