Hello loves, I know I haven’t been as frequent but I’ve been spending a lot of time with Earth this Summer! I sometimes spend too much time in the human world. Earth always brings me back to my light.

If you’re human, the mind will likely run through some of the same cycles: What are you going to eat later, who are you going to see later, what needs to get done, how are finances, why did someone hurt you. All thoughts created by the mind and yet none of them are the present moment. None of them are in any relation to what your truth is, and that is: energy, part of the earth, part of the universe, built from love and intention.

Many of us feel comfortable living in this autopilot mode we have been born into. But we are often left to wonder why we can’t achieve a lasting happiness. This is where many of our judging and fearful mind patterns come from.  We repeatedly stress about very little things and forget how unrelated it is to our true nature.  We have been told our whole lives that if we are not wealthy in some form of money, media, or power, we have failed.  If we do not fit into the false criteria of beauty, that we just don’t deserve love.  This is our reason for the negative self talk and judgement of others. We expect and yearn for validation from others and material things.  We think self-love is what we get from others instead of within us at this very moment.

Many have begun to ask me, when I am faced with hardship, how can I remain so calm and remain happy.  Why with physical pain and limits can I feel limitless?  If you knew me five years ago, this would not be the case. Maybe calm in moments, but almost always in a wave of feeling wonderful and then not good enough.

The truth is, at this moment in my human experience, I am truly learning to be present. I know this to be the reason I have given into my highest self.  Why happiness and manifestation occur as a product of my presence.

And I owe this to meditation.  I feel like it has given me a natural ability to be present and have gratitude.  It has become a place I can arrive the moment I choose to be present.

Meditation can be the biggest teacher and friend.  It is more than a mindful practice and a way to calm and heal the body (although these are wonderful bonuses!).  It is the very thing that can connect a human to their source.  A source of love, joy, peace, and infinite gifts.  Our universe, ourselves.  If we never take the moment to be present, then we can never actually be present.  We can never have gratitude for the very breath we are taking or for the way the sun, wind, and rain kiss our skin.

What exactly is meditation?

My loves, it is the moment you take a moment.  To fully be with your highest self.  To breathe, pray, chant, whatever brings you to you. When I started meditating daily, just a little over a year ago, I allowed every thought to flow through me. Even the really terrifying ones.  It got to a point I got tired and immune to these thoughts, that they lost the fear they carried.  These thoughts often manifest in forms of depression, anxiety, mental and physical health.  I knew it was time to let go. I have done this mindfulness practice with relationships, jobs, self-reflection, past situations, resentments, everything that may create limits.  Meditation is now a lot more enjoyable because I can just sit in my self-love for a while and have gratitude for the ability to be still. I love smiling at the magic of my being and the universe, and this is what I dream for the world. When you realize that you are a piece of this universe, of the higher power you look up to and for, life changes completely.  You begin to reflect on your being as far more than just the human body. You become limitless in all forms.

Mindfulness is not something we just turn on one day.  Our minds are conditioned to go into the cylce; the limited self.  This is why I recommend a daily meditation practice. I choose to meditate anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.  Some days are easier to sit than others. But this is not what matters. What matters is the gift to be present each day. It’s a huge form of self-love.  Everyone learns their own process, so please be patient with yourself.  Don’t look for the answer or the moment you’re going to feel better about yourself and the world.  It is here right now, but it takes time to understand and come home to this. All it really requires is presence.

This is practice.

The first step I would recommend taking in meditation is creating a small space that you can be present in.  It doesn’t have to be an extravagant alter or anything. Even a quiet corner or on your bed will do.  Whatever calls to you. I started with a spot near the window with a few candles.  Even this can change over time, so just enjoy and let the universe take the lead 🙂

My meditation station today 🙂

Months after starting my daily meditation practice, I was introduced to an app called Insight Timer.  This was a huge step in my practice because it has kept me on track to take a moment each day for meditation. This is a free App that has any bells you may need or not need. Insight Timer has introduced me to some of my most influential spiritual teachers. There are a ton of guided meditations, music for sleep or concentration, and enlightened talks.  Anything to help you come into your higher self. I have so much gratitude for this app because it represents the love we are all uncovering. You can also see who is meditating at the same time around the world as you.  We are so much more connected and loved than we know! I recommend giving it a try and allow whatever feels right to unfold.


I am also going to share a few of my favorite Eckhart Tolle talks on presence. These have given me the courage to choose presence.  He really explains what it is to be mindful no matter where we are in life and how this shift can contribute to our collective. Eckhart is someone I’ve been listening to daily these days.  Gratitude sweet Eckhart!


This will be the first of many blogs on mediation and it feels wonderful already!

When we choose presence, we choose to know ourselves. We choose to see ourselves. To feel our human experience, our energy.  In this space, it is impossible not to love ourselves. Because we see each other for everything we are instead of the story we have built ourselves around.  We come to a state of gratitude and dismiss the thoughts that do not serve us.  The universe is aligning to our vibrations at all times because it is a universe built on intention. What we think, feel, speak and express, becomes. This is energy. Imagine love, just imagine what can happen for you if you choose love and something different today.

Life will become for you, so much more than the daily routine.  The Earth will be seen for its magic. Other beings and creatures can be loved by you because you will understand they are cut from the very same cloth. What a love to not need validation but to rather enjoy and spread more love. Nothing about our jobs, titles, or possessions are really representative of the collective energy we are. The fact that we are here in this moment, right now, is everything. It is the only occurrence we ever truly exist in.

Your world will change.

Our world will change.

You deserve this choice.

Love and Light,


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