Hello World, I would like to introduce you to Paz 🌱

Arriving to this moment today feels like something I envisioned in meditation months ago 💕

In living the last two years with Vasculitis naturally, Earth has provided so many useful ingredients to remedy pain and alleviate my symptoms and disease. I knew this was something I wanted to share with the world one day and here we are ✨ When I was thinking of a name to call these remedies, I thought to myself, how do I feel when I am fully in the moment? When my body feels good? What is the feeling I want the world to feel? “Peace.” I chose Paz in Spanish because it represents the language of my entire family that I have learned love and wisdom from. I am so proud of Paz because it will allow others to feel good. These products give us time to take a moment for ourselves. I truly believe this is the most important piece of our lives. It is only then the healing can begin.

These ingredients are 100% provided by Mother Earth. Each comes with a list of the ingredients and their healing powers. They are organic, purchased in bulk and made in home with love and beautiful intention. I am also donating 10% of all sales to the Vasculitis foundation monthly ❤️

We all deserve to know that we are made and held by an earth that loves us. We are in this together. May Paz bring you to a place of peace. A place to be your highest self. To feel good in mind, body, and spirit. Endless gratitude for anyone who has ever supported me in any way in this life. Please know it is okay to be true to yourself and stand up for what is true to you. Everything arrives when you accept that love is what you are. What we all are.

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Paz 🌱

A Healing Chai-Makes 1 quart holistic chai concentrate-aids in healing inflammation, reliving anxiety and digestion

Peppermint and Sweet Orange relieving whipped lotion-great for sore muscles and inflammation

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