Home is Everywhere.



I don’t know where I will be in the next few months because so much of my world is shifting. Though this is beautiful and embraced, I am trying to find my newest home base. Stay in Seattle, a sunnier climate, the ocean, a van. Sell everything and travel? I should feel like I’m drowning, the ego of society tells me I am drowning. But I don’t believe in the things that cage our truths anymore.

It will unfold. It has unfolded.

It does when I have gratitude for the abundance of this very breath.

I found the pulses on my feet for the first time in over 5 years today. They were strong and alive. I gave myself a big hug, I looked up at the sky, I couldn’t stop saying thank you. To every piece that has contributed to this healing. Including the love I have been surrounded by in this life. My body may have pains, but I don’t count my life in that way anymore.

It will unfold. It has unfolded.

I have never felt so healed, free, rich, and loved in my life. I am here in this moment. I am breathing. That is everything to me.

I want to continue meeting people who feel this way. I want to continue walking with others into their light. This is what we deserve. To feel absolutely wonderful in who we are. To look deeper than the physical. To free ourselves from finding tiny things to complain about. Love others. Help others. We get one life to live in this. To really enjoy this. The money, the abundance, these are all beautiful. But if you can’t feel the abundance of this breath, you can’t wake up to your truth. Make the choice to have gratitude.Choose to sit in the silence and the chaos. Make the choice to try the different path. Make one small move toward your fears every day.

Your life is worth this.

You say when.

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