Our World.

There are going to be so many moments when we get lost in our human thought. The heartache we are feeling, the pains in our body, the resentment and anger we have been conditioned to give into. Please do not be afraid to sit with these fears. Sit with them. Become so exposed to these thoughts that you become closer to relief. That you become less afraid to love humanity.

It is no secret that the state of our world is heartbreaking and has been for lifetimes. Aimed towards separating and hurting. It is soaked and ignited in fear.

The ego has a fear that we are losing control of something. That we need to control others and the human experience we have no right to. That we need more than just the earth we were given to survive and be happy.

But our truth is that we are made to love. To coexist. It is the human ego that has done this.

Our peaceful movement begins with love.

This is Mother Nature. In her natural self. We are Mother Nature. We are energy.

Please look at these clouds. Place your hands over your heartbeat and say, “I live in a peaceful world. I live in a peaceful world.” Feel that energy, radiate that to every person you encounter. Think of this peaceful world often. And take it out into the one we are living in. Take the moment to connect with others and you will find all the love that exists and manifests. Stand up for others and be a voice for them.

We can change the shift of our world. It is the law of the universe. Stand with your voice in love and see with the eyes of love. Give to the world all of your beautiful gifts. Make it worth all that she gives us. So much love to our world. She is not stopping because we are meant for what we are: a loving, simple, peaceful world. Where we lay in the grass and look into the eyes of others. This is home to all of us.

Love and light,


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