Boyhood Society: The Importance of Living Your Truth.

A major form of self love I want us to celebrate today is living in our truth. The truth that stems from more than a place we can reach, but our intuitive and infinite nature. The truth that lies in the ability to be present in our loving spirit. To be free.

It is perhaps the biggest test there is for the human self because it requires us to shed an entire perception of an old world around and within us.  It takes resilience and patience to stand deep in our fears and move forward into our light. But we have the ability to choose this truth in ourselves. It is then we can radiate our loving truth to the world.

It is with gratitude, joy, and peace that I share the story of Boyhood Society’s journey in self love and living in their truth. May this inspire and uplift you today and every day. May it allow you to understand that we are all in this together and the energies we radiate will create our life.

Boyhood Society is a a creative collective based out of Seattle.  This collective was formed just last year, but has since expanded in beautiful ways.  Though they express that learning to live in your highest self is a process, it is their path of truth and self love that drive their creations. They are very dear friends of mine, but let me tell you, Boyhood is good for the spirit.

I recently stopped by their tent at the Volunteer Park Pride Festival in Seattle this last weekend and could instantly feel an energy of welcoming love.  An energy of inspiration, truth, and wisdom.  This energy radiated to everyone who stepped underneath that tent.  Smiles forming on every face that were encouraged to share their dreams with them. It was a place of peace in that tent.  The stone that creates the ripple.




Seeing how this collective has manifested into something so much greater than just an idea is something to stand in awe at.  A group of creatives, they express themselves through forms of fashion, writing, design, and overall community. Everything they design is created in house! They are truly inspiring in proving that the universe can provide if you allow it to.

What I love most about these individuals is their innate ability to be.  To be present in their fears, their light, their creativity.  I know that this will be the first blog of many that I share about Boyhood, but I wanted to introduce you all to Boyvillain, JAN, and Arcadya in their journey of self love and living in their truth.   What I anticipate you finding light in is that they are choosing to break from the societal norms that can too often cage our higher selves and are living in the power of creating.

I decided to ask two important questions to each of them:

What is Boyhood?


How is Boyhood a form of self love to you?


Jan expressed that Boyhood is a celebration of confidence in their naivety to understand their higher self. It can be considered a form of rebellion because they are creating a space they can appreciate themselves in, instead of working and investing in the expectations of bigger corporations. They are standing true in living for what you love, represent, and are.

“We’re a creative collective rooted from this spirit so we’d hope to translate this mood through the art and products we make.”

Jan believes that self love starts with listening to oneself.  Though raised in a society to quiet their inner and outer voice, this was a huge step in furthering their own self love journey. Embodying a space to express, listen, and create is a complete kind of feeling to them.  “Realizing that I can do whatever I put my mind to through existing in this creative collective is an exercise of my self love.”

Setting the intention to connect and open the doors to themselves at the pride festival was a form of listening to oneself and they radiate more intention to expand this community of expression.

Rose Poj-Rosewater and Tea Tree

Boyvillain expressed Boyhood Society to be a manifestation of living your truth in your dreams and allowing the art to unfold from that place.  It is an outlet for creativity and self discovery that also holds a place for individuals who are wanting to do the same.

“I’d like to think it’s becoming a society for the people who want to live their truths and value gratitude, self love, passion, and authenticity. A growing collective of people that are giving and expressing. I’m hoping that we can simultaneously live our art, while also empowering folk through what we make.”

Boyhood is a form of self love to Boyvillain because it is a place to express and explore their own human experience. As they are uncovering their highest self every day, new ways are being illustrated through their life in Boyhood.  This is a form of embracing oneself through empowering the places that aren’t always your favorite or the easiest to understand. This has made Boyvillain’s moments more full of gratitude and in turn, themselves and Boyhood. With the fashion that they create, fashion is seen and treated as a form of language and always has been.  It is a way to embrace the emotions that come with growing and healing.  A way to be proud of feelings and sensitivities in one’s journey to higher awareness.

What a Boyhood package looks and feels like ❤

Arcadya had a poetic way in expressing boyhood. They explained it like a human that is ever changing and growing with the waves of life.  “It’s the purest of love and the selfishness of expression.” It is a place of freedom to express, accept, and explore in what they want to create.  Designing is a huge part of boyhood as it is at the forefront of what started it all.  These designs are made with the intentions to elevate a person’s self expression in the products they feel most drawn to.

When speaking of self love through Boyhood, Arcadya expressed that it is reflection of themselves which contain the fear and the courage.  This is a form of self love because it requires them to learn and love even the parts they haven’t always.  It is the choice to expand on their dreams. They are finding the more they give to this truth, the more they are receiving.  “It is all that I want, wanted to be, all that I want, wanted to do.  All that I want to runaway from, and all that I never want to leave.”

Boyhood are on a continuing path of self love, self expression, and creating.  They will be at markets in Seattle very soon and have a growing online store at


I hope that these truths inspire you. You can truly create any vision you want for yourself when it is true to the infinite nature of your spirit.  Loving ourselves and expressing ourselves is a difficult thing to do, but there is a happiness and freedom that exist there.

This is why it is important to embrace the beautiful energies around us. Receive them with love and understanding.  Be inspired and live in the truth.

When life becomes overwhelming, remember that we are all uncovering the same thing.  The thing that feels the most uncomfortable in our worlds are the molds we try to fit ourselves into.  These are not molds that our loving universe intended for us. We were created to be free, to be part of the stars, the soil, the sea. It is okay to let go, to jump. To experience, to feel. Spirit is holding you.  Feel that peace in your heart and run with what you love. This is your truth.

Love and light,


Gratitude to the ever expanding and loving Boyhood Society.

Instagram: @boyhoodsociety

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