How can Mother Earth teach us to love ourselves and change the world?

The self love journey is incredibly beautiful and madly expansive.  Coming into your highest self is one thing, but learning to love and embrace your source is difficult. When you have been stuck in your human mind for so many years, there’s a lot of fear in the letting go and forgiving.

We are asked to let go of our past self and allow the universe to unfold around us.  But when we become conscious of our energy and how it manifests our life and material outcomes, we become afraid to lose our grip. It becomes difficult to not focus on the lower vibrations that arrive within us daily.  And this radiates as much as the good.

This fear is often fueled by our doubts. These doubts almost always coming from the moments we forget our love for ourselves. The moments we forget our source and the place within us that is infinite.

So how do we forgive ourselves, love ourselves, and remain with our highest selves all in one? How do we remain in our highest truth when we must exist in the human world?

Spending quality time with Mother Earth.

There are moments in our day when we think we do not have the time to be with earth.  But by connecting as often as we can and making the conscious effort, we not only come home to ourselves, but we are reminded that we exist the same way the trees do.  The oxygen we are breathing comes from Earth. The creatures that we exist with are Earth.  The oceans, the mountains, the sky. This is what we are sourced from.  This is who we are. And this is why Mother Earth is our secret to healing, to self love.

If we could appreciate ourselves the way we do the sunset, we could then understand to see others this way. How can love and peace not exist there?

By spending at least one moment with earth every day, I have learned to look at faces on different levels.  I have become fascinated and in awe of the human lives around me.  By touching the grass below my feet, I remember who I am and what this all began from.  I have come to understand there are no disconnections.  It has given me something to have gratitude for every day.  I am in a constant state of gratitude for the people I love and get to share this Earth with.  Mother Earth provides for us daily and asks for nothing in return.

The clothes we wear, the judgments we make, the cars we drive and phones we sink our life source into, those are not who we are.  Remove it all and we are naked and as grand as the ocean.

Making time for these moments and connections are not easy. I have days where I’d rather stay snuggled up inside, but I have never met with Earth and regretted it.  I have found all of my answers to my happiness with Her.

Look at the sky, the trees, the very earth you are existing on.

Hug yourself. That is you.

May these pictures find you well. I take them on all of my adventures with Earth.  May you see them and know that this is you.  May you feel the purpose of the energy and body that is keeping you alive to exist in this.  This is the humanity around you.  This is the source and foundation of everything. Let go of the things you are making bigger than this truth today. Let go of the judgement and understand that though others do not always understand, it is simply because they are forgetting this truth.

This is where we begin. You are love. Radiate and be your light. Be your truth and watch the world and your life change.

You got this. Namaste.

IMG_8039IMG_2232IMG_0586IMG_5674IMG_6736IMG_4982IMG_2804IMG_5431IMG_8029IMG_9502IMG_0206IMG_0621 (1)IMG_2173IMG_2068IMG_8932IMG_0567IMG_1513IMG_0289IMG_8988IMG_5121IMG_2208IMG_9464IMG_5147IMG_5433 (1)IMG_7893 (1)IMG_2251 (1)IMG_0330IMG_5472 (1)IMG_7908

Oh Earth, Thank you, Thank you.

Love and Light,


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