The Key to Holistic Health: Self Love

At the moment, I am on a self love date.  One of my favorite things to do is go to a coffee shop to write.  I believe that it helps me become more mindful of what I’m doing as I sometimes get too distracted with my pets and projects at home. I also love treating myself to a fresh cup of coffee and experiencing the energies that radiate around me. By opening my heart to myself, I have been able to open it to the world. Ahh..sweet energy and love! This is why this post is particularly exciting for me.

After a lifetime of learning about my flaws, I have come to find they don’t actually exist. Which means most of the way I have judged others in the past don’t exist either. I believe this realization could give our world peace. Though a simple concept, why is it so hard to arrive to?

We are all a product of the same source, but it is the ego in our environment that covers our eyes and hearts to this.  This ego is driven by human hate, fear, power and money that we think we need to embody to be our best selves.  It is the human constructs we have buried ourselves in unconsciously that keep us from embracing ourselves and others. This newfound freedom has by no means been easy for me to understand.  I have many human moments when life can seem overwhelming.  Some energies run through me on certain days where I feel depression and anxiety pulling me into bed with negative self talk.  But by the end of these days, I have gratitude for still looking at myself and being able to say,  “I love you.”  And sometimes that ends up being the very thing I need to shift my perspective and heal the aching moment.

Many times, it is our thoughts that allow us to stay in a place of victimization and fear.  It’s really difficult to stop yourself from rolling down a downward slope.  This is where I think the mind has the most control.  It’s kind of the big bully that pushes us down the hill. And inevitably, the defeated energy comes along with it.

Loving yourself is not something that we can just do. Social media these days has a really scary way of showing us a life we want that isn’t really real at all. We wait for the day we will have a ton of money, for that new product or vacation. We wait for the moment we have a partner to love, for the day we will suddenly love ourselves before others and material things.  This at the end of the day has nothing to do with us, it has to do with wanting the life someone portrays online and in our interactions.  Those lives are not real.  They are a projection of the pressure we all feel.

You are real, your energy is real.  Your happiness and your source are real.  Your happiness is not a place you get to one day. It is a state of being and it does not require anything special to feel it. Once you are present to your highest self, the beauty of the world can unfold around you.  You are human and have been told of a false truth your whole life.  So yes, there will be really dark moments, there will be moments that make you think you can fly and won’t have to come down.  But the most important part in the process of life is loving yourself throughout. It will allow the scary moments to fade over time. But the best part is it will allow the light to enter in. This is the key point in holistic health and why I believe the awareness of natural health is growing.  It all begins within. Only then can we allow the universe to guide us towards healing.

With this message, I feel so thankful to be able to share two spiritual teachers in my life with you! I hope these beautiful souls help you in your journey. They came into my life when I heard my intuition telling me there was more than I had been taught to believe. And they are here for you too 🙂

First is a book recommendation by the lovely Gabrielle Bernstein.  Gabrielle is a spiritual teacher, author, and my saving grace! “The Universe Has Your Back” came into my life a little over a year ago when I had to let go of an energy that was no longer serving me.  I felt like I had hit rock bottom and didn’t have a thing to fight for.  Little did I know this book would lead me to expand my level of consciousness and open my heart to my light.  She focuses on our connection to the universe and how we have the ability at all times to choose love over fear. I love that Gabrielle doesn’t speak about fear as a flaw but rather a chance to choose differently for ourselves. She has some really helpful meditative practices throughout the book for those who are interested in either getting into meditation or expanding their meditation practice. Thank you endlessly Gabby!


With love, I am happy to share Sarah Blondin’s guided meditations. “Live Awake” is a podcast I truly believe was guided to me by the universe. I have made these meditations part of my daily practice as they remind me of just how beautiful it is to exist.  She is able to mix words of love with music that lift your highest self.  A few of my favorites that I recommend to start with are: Don’t Forget, Life Is Kind (Touch Source), Our Call to Presence (The Home of Your Happiness), and I Would Like To Give You Permission (Living Your Truth Out Loud).  Sarah has these podcasts on both Itunes, Soundcloud and the app Insight Timer (later blog subject!) Thank you for existing in this lifetime Sarah and sharing your light with me and the universe.



The most important moments in my day are the moments I get to connect with myself. The moment after I wake up and the moment before sleep, I make the choice to check in and balance at my meditation station.   It has helped me to more easily radiate love to myself and therefore to the universe around me.  To give yourself the gift of being present in the moment will change everything.  To give yourself the gift of understanding your truth will allow you to feel your infinite self. To get rid of the mental clutter, the human demands and connect in small moments will give you your truth. A truth that we are all energy, the universe, and love.   I have to remind myself daily of this, but it gets easier and life becomes beautiful in so many new ways.  I have so much gratitude for the spiritual teachers that share their gifts to help the world remember the love that exists in all of us.  May these find you well and be a beautiful starting point for anyone who feels they don’t know what direction to go next. You are infinite and beautiful.


Love and Light,


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  1. Alana Lima says:

    couldn’t agree more!


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