As I flew back to Seattle after a beautiful week with my family, I took a moment to meditate in the sky. It’s so easy for me to forget how small I am in comparison to this big beautiful earth, this sky, this universe.

We are incredible as humans because as tiny as we are, we have something nothing and no one else has on this earth: the human experience. The ability to feel emotions, build relationships. To create in ways that give us the ability to fly planes and see home from here. To travel. To explore. But most importantly, to love.

Our intuitions have told us from the beginning of human creation that there is something more and we are discovering this.

We have places that give us comfort, but the truth is, no matter where we go, we are home.

You are tiny, yes.

And the truth of the human experience is something no one has ever known. We have moments in which we become closer to the truth, but so far, all we know is that we are present and we are these beings we call humans.

From up here, the way your eyes aren’t the color you want is irrelevant. The way your blemishes grace your face doesn’t matter.

You know what matters? Whether you are in the sky or being held by mother earth?

Your personal experience. Your perception. You will not see existence from another set of eyes in this way again.

From up here, you can’t see hate, the heartbroken or pain. You can only see beauty and peace. A sun and clouds grazing the earth.

So why do we create pain in the place that we call our home when it’s the place we rest our heads?

Why do we think we own others and can tell them to live in a space where they feel caged in our experience?

We do not wish to be fit into molds we can’t breathe in. So why do we do it to others?

Fear is the inability to see love. And this inability creates hate.

But this is how we were conditioned, and now we are seeing there is more than the cages we have deemed acceptable for so long.

This is our time.

This is our great awakening.

When you look at it the way the universe does, you are small and insignificant, which is what makes you the most significant.

The intuition that is telling you to love yourself and others is right.

Hate is fear driven. And fear teaches us to be afraid of the something more.

But love. My oh my, love is the answer.

We are all here to help each other rise.

Isn’t that lovely?

You keep love in your heart, and hate has no home.

I leave you with a mantra during my mediation in the Sky:

“I am love. We are love.”

Do not be afraid. Love has you always. And so does Mother Earth.

Namaste ✨

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