Healing Golden Milk

IMG_9538Hello everyone! Sending love and light always! This Golden Milk recipe is the version I have come to love the most.

Turmeric has beautiful healing benefits. I started drinking this nightly when I was coming off medication for my Vasculitis and beginning my holistic journey! This spice is sweet in many ways and an anti inflammatory healer.  It aids in a healthy brain and heart function as well as a natural anti depressant.  Golden Milk helps keep my blood flowing and makes my feet and hands warm and painless after a long day.

Turmeric Golden Milk

Boil one cup of milk (your choice, I prefer unsweetened organic almond)

Lower heat to simmer

Add one TBSP turmeric Stir and let simmer for 4 minutes

Add teaspoon of coconut oil

Stir and add to favorite cup!

Add Raw honey or Agave to taste Happy healing! 🙏🏽



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